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New Moon Tuesday, October 25, 2022
The Goddess of Love archetype will activate the elements of Fire and Water within you, to help you dissolve the shields around our hearts and to open to true, unconditional love of self and other.
“What will it take to choose to love yourself right now, exactly as you are?”
The Goddess of Love takes you deeper into the unfurling, soft pink fragrant petals of your own undefended heart. As you spiral down into the luxuriousness of her embrace, she will invite you to feel deeply through all your senses… to awaken through the senses not in spite of them.
She whispers to you, “I see you, Beloved. I know how challenging it’s been to trust in love. I see the scars and the shields upon your heart. I feel your weariness. I invite you, now, to rest in the softness of my embrace.
The Goddess of Love offers you tools to find a pathway to open, to ignite your passion for life in a more fully embodied, sensually connected way. She also offers you the direct embodied experience of a balm of gentle sweetness, like a nectar, or healing waters, washing away all that has hardened your heart.
The Goddess of Love invites you to rest and receive deeply the beauty within you and all that surrounds you. She whispers to you, “Remember, my darling, that your greatest power resides in the softness of your open hearted magnetism. “ 
“Evolution in the Goddess occurs through the senses rather than in rejection of them.” – Ariel Spilsbury
As an embodiment of the Goddess of love we open to the Vertical axis of Divine love and expand our hearts horizontally to offer this divine love through the body, the senses and the human, emotional realm.
We are here to serve the awakening of the collective heart.
I am the one heart; I am here to serve
I serve through 
My Song
My passion
My wild
My free 
My ecstatic embodiment
My awakening
I am a lover of the cosmic ocean
Of sound and light
I serve as a guide
On this wild sea
Hear me whisper through the wind
Be brave my love
Come ride the waves 
Between darkness and light
Joy and sorrow
Surf the unknown
With me
I am an adept of the alchemical ride
Sensual awakening
Hermes and Aphrodite meet
In Union inside
Turning pain into beauty
And fear into power
I blaze a path bright
Moving through 
The valley of shadows
With an unsheilded heart
Lit up
Open wide
I am the one heart; I am here to serve
I serve through 
My truth 
My inspiration
My joy
Through fierce compassion…
Wisdom and play
I shake it up 
And give others permission
To be fully expressed
Authentic and free
Through the invitation
Of my vibration 
Of Yes! Yum! Yay!
Like hummingbird medicine
So much sweet nectar
Pooling delight from
Within the center
Of my eternally blossoming heart
I pierce through the bitter husk
Of illusion
Again and again and again
To drink the sweet elixir of truth
to clarify
And see through
I am the one heart; I am here to serve
I serve through
My softness
My pleasure
My strength
I serve through
Fire walking
And not melting away
I come back from the underworld
More radiant every time
Like a winged lion
Of noble humility
And courageous rooted grace
I serve by removing
Every mask
To reveal Her
True face
I serve by whisking
The veils away
I serve by getting up
Showing up
And taking my place
I serve by rising up
From the compost
Amongst the rocks 
And flowers
Emerging new
Like a tender shoot
To expand my fragrance
Reach my unfurling petals
Towards the starry sky
I serve Earth by
Laughing at the dream
Of separation
Making love with everything
That arises 
The chains 
Of time
-Eden Amadora
Listen to my Archetype of Goddess of Love song, “Amadora,“ here:
The vibration of this song will help you feel the Divine Beloved that resides in your own heart.
Enjoy the Transmission of the Goddess of Love:

Eden Amadora, a Temple Keeper of The Goddess of Love Temple, offers this transmission.
Learn more about her work HERE!
Guiding Principles & Guidelines
for Preparation and Participation in
Sanctuary of the Open Heart Circles
A STRONG REQUEST from Ariel to watch these important GUIDELINES for all Sanctuary circles!!
Indulge yourself, or a beloved, to the gift of “Goddess of Love”
13 Moon Anointing Oil!
The 13 Moon Anointing Oils are created in the tradition of the Scent Priests and Priestesses from the ancient temples around the world.
These holy oils are heart medicine, streaming through the soul from the 13 Moon Temples to support you in embodying these aspects of the Divine Feminine. In simply using these holy anointing oils we receive Her grace directly!
Beloved community,
Liz Childs Kelly (also known by her temple name “Nahla”) is the caretaker of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart’s social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. She is also the author of the new book, Home to Her: Walking the Transformative Path of the Sacred Feminine. 
This book takes us on a journey, personal and collective, through time and place, to remember and reconnect with the lost and stolen wisdom of the Sacred Feminine, and includes:
  • Stories and evidence demonstrating the power and presence of the ancient Sacred Feminine from every corner of the globe,
  • Insights into what Her wisdom represents, how it differs from other spiritual traditions and what it has to offer us today,
  • How to reconnect with the Sacred Feminine as a real, tangible force for good in your own life.
Nahla is also the host of the Home to Her podcast, where, for the last 2.5 years, she has sought to amplify the voices of mystics, authors, artists, priestesses and activists, each of whom is carrying and expressing Sacred Feminine wisdom in their lives. 
On this call, we will explore some of the research Nahla conducted into the history and traditions of the Sacred Feminine and why she feels so strongly that we all should know our collective sacred herstory; the challenges to engaging responsibly with stories and histories from other traditions not our own and the importance of understanding the intersection of capitalism, colonialism and feminism when doing this kind of excavation work; navigating the publishing process using heart wisdom; and some of the greatest insights she’s learned from the many guests who have joined her on the podcast.
Nahla’s offerings can be explored on her website here:
Please join us on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 12PM PST
A New Community Offering!                  
13 Moon Oracle Divination each moon!
Dear Ones,
This zoom call offering is an opportunity to connect with each other around a-once-a- moon 13 Moon Oracle Divination/reading that we will draw and interpret together! There has been an expressed interest in creating a way to deepen as a community with The 13 Moon Oracle, to use it as an overview divination for that moon. If that sounds like delightful fun for you, please join us on Friday, November 18th at noon for our voyage of this adventure!!  
In Devotion.. ariel
San Rafael, CA
What if we had the power to re-script and take out of the shadows the patriarchically distorted and denigrated Feminine by reclaiming and celebrating Her archetypal faces in Lilith, Medusa, Eve, Magdalene, Babayaga? We have that power! The Divine Feminine is rising, shedding the skin of Her distorted past and revealing Her Radiance within us..LET’S DO THAT TOGETHER IN A POWERFUL MYTHIC ENACTMENT AT WINTER SOLSTICE!
An intimate ceremonial circle!
Mark your calendars!
The Dream Weaver Circle
November 4th at 12PM PST
Dearest Weaver Dreamers,
Do you dream vividly and garner guidance and support from your dreams? If so, consider joining Priest/ess’ from around the world in the Dream Weaver Circle to share and connect around dreams. We will hold a zoom call once a moon to look at and garner the wisdom from our personal and collective dreams. We will also set the patterning to connect etherically in Dream Temples. Our next Dream Weaver circle will be Friday, November 4th, 2022 at 12pm Pacific.
Throughout all times, Priest/ess’ have been sensitive receptors for the Greater Divine Dream, dreaming itself through us. They have functioned as oracles seeing into the non-linear matrix of time and space, as sensitive instruments aware of a broader spectrum of quantum possibilities manifesting. They have been messengers for the archetypal realms who interface and seed divine, creative possibilities through the non-linear nature of dreams. For the collective community, oftentimes they were harbingers of events providing an immediate opportunity to act on the messages delivered from higher realms. It is for all these reasons, that we gather as a Dream Weaver Circle. If, as an aspect of your Priest/esshood, you perceive of yourself as a conscious Dreamer in these reflections, then join us in service, by submitting dreams that have this mythic, collective, archetypal and transpersonal quality. 
 This Dream Weaver’s circle focuses on dreams that are archetypal and mytho-poetic in nature. It is the intention of this offering to look for the larger patterns in the collective Dreamfield that are emerging through the lens of the conscious dreaming of the priest/esses in the circle. As well, themes can be suggested for our conscious dreaming of reality, that can and do affect the collective Dreamfield matrix.
   It is not the intention of this circle to analyze or necessarily even to respond to the dreams, as each recipient will garner his/her own wisdom, inspiration and gifts from sharing a given dream. However, if you choose to respond by lucidly entering the Dreamtime to share and commune telepathically, that is certainly being encouraged!
Please enjoy going to have a look at the new Dream Weaver offering on the Sanctuary website, where you can post dreams, make comments and find the schedule for our once a moon zoom call Dream Weaver circles! Click HERE!
If you are interested in connecting with other dreamers between moonly zoom calls please join our facebook group: Click here to join Facebook group.
Art by Gilbert Williams
Beloved Community,
How do you utilize the power of crystals in your meditational practice?
At this Soul Salon, we are going to be looking at the power of crystals and their impact in our evolution! We will also be looking at the organizing power of crystalline structures to create coherence and thus greater dimensional interface. If there is interest, we will do a pineal gland activation meditation as it is a perfect example of how a crystalline structure amplifies coherence and clarity. We will be exploring how form/matter is crystallized music or vibration, how matter is simply crystallized, frozen music, and how the human body is literally a crystallized form of vibrating energy. If sound and crystals are fascinating to you, you don’t want to miss this exciting Tea Party exploration of crystallinity!!
Join us on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 at Noon Pacific!
Sunday, November 13th, 2022 AT 4PM PST
Re-Visioning-Alchemy Circle
“May thine eye be single.”
Dear Beloveds…
For me, the most potent aspect of Empty Presence is the alchemical transmutation that becomes possible as we hold that field together. We are inspired to offer a moonly call expressly to focus our attention on collective transmutation through alchemical re-visioning, as we are trained to do in etheric Priest/ess temples. That is, with our unified attention in Emptiness, to re-script and re-vision what appearances on the screen of life are most requiring transformation at the time, while also amplifying and giving thanks for that which IS changing and working toward life sustaining choices. We have the power to work WITH Divine intention to change the constructs we have chosen to accept and call “reality”. Whether you call that process the hundredth monkey theory postulated by Rupert Sheldrake as morphogenetic field theory or the formula for shifting underlying reality constructs postulated by Gregg Braden in the Divine Matrix of the square root of one percent of the human population, it is the same operant principle. The summation of which can be simply stated:
WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the outcome of the “reality movie” in which we participate!
Do you hear the call to be a part of a Re-visioning-Alchemy circle to make a shift in the reality constructs of this planet? If so, please join us for our maiden Voyage to the Temple of Astraea on the etheric to remember and be re-trained in this advanced Priestess meditation art!
Let us gather in our unified power as Priest/esses to offer the ancient art of Re-visioning-Alchemy for the Purpose of being the Divine Shuttle Reweaving the collective Dream!
Join us for our Voyage to the etheric Priest/ess Temple of Astraea (that we journeyed to at Winter Solstice) to dimensionally gather for this sacred intention.
Sunday, November 13th, 2022 at 4PM PST
We know we have the power to shift
the collective constructs of this planet
through our unified intention in Love!
Let us use our singular vision for the potent purpose
of greatly needed alchemical transmutation!
( Through Priest/esses mythically spinning straw into alchemical gold!)
In Oneness…Ariel
13 Moon Oracle

I would love to tell you about the 13 Moon Oracle on Ariel’s new website:
The 13 Moon Oracle is a dimensional surfboard! It offers a means for expanding consciousness simply through being with the vibration of its transmission. It is designed as a consciousness tuning fork to open you to divine, archetypal interface. Click here to discover more!
Enjoy your time in The Living Library Dear One.
It is here to nurture you as you walk your soul path, to feed and inspire your spirit to spin gold from the threads and gems you find here!
Please join us for Drink from Her Well, a joyful guided exploration to Her Holy Waters.
Offered Wednesdays near the new moon every month, from 12-1 p.m. Pacific
October 26th, 2022 at 12PM PST
A Personal Invitation from Ariel
Dear Ones…
Drink from Her Well is a direct demonstration and training for how to work with collective alchemy! It means so much for the collective awakening, that we hold these alchemical circles, both physically and etherically, beyond ego mind and in Divine Love’s name. It is so critical now, that the Divine Feminine rise in alignment and integrity with the most expanded viewpoint of what is being asked of us at this intense time of planetary transformation. 
Please join us for the next Drink from Her Well!
In Her Name,
Join us for Books as Sacrament Nov 20th at 4PM PST~
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn AND Change the Story, Change the Future! By David Korte
Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness
Dear Ones,
JOIN US FOR a look at these two books that expose the old story that is destroying the planet and offering new awareness and tools to create the new Meta-story of our Times!
Together these two books give us an incisive vision of how to WAKE UP and see where we are still being held captive to an old story that has been unconsciously moving us toward extinction. If we are to have a future as humanity, it is TIME TO CHANGE THAT STORY! These two books give us a means for seeing both the prison bars that keep us captive to that old story and how to move into a more life affirming story.
    Ishmael is a very compelling “thriller” novel that through a mysterious exchange between two beings who are brought together from an add that says: “Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.” a whole revelation about how we came to be in the chaotic mess we are in now and the story that got us here is revealed. Quite simply, IT IS BRILLIANT AND TIMELY. The details of the old story will be looked at deeply so we can become aware of how to move out of that story. Just for a teaser here is one of the central precepts of the old myth: that the world was made FOR man and man was made and had a destiny to rule it. In that myth we don’t belong to the Earth, the Earth belongs to us.. to do anything we please with! And so in this story we had to conquer nature. You can easily see where that myth is still strongly operating. He goes on to reveal what the natural law of nature is that if we don’t live in accord with, we will quite simply become extinct. Stay tuned. That is what we will talk about in our call!!
 David Kortens book Change the Story Change the Future is a more linear approach to the same questions entertained in story form in Ishmael, giving simple, clear insight as to the principles and values that form the infrastructure that would support the new story emerging. It is Korten’s point of view that “we cannot act coherently as a society without a shared framing story. It defines our shared values and priorities, the questions we ask and options we consider. For this reason, no matter how discredited an established story may be, we cling to it in our public discourse until it is replaced by a more compelling story!! Corporate interests repeat and reaffirm the Money Markets story at every opportunity. ’Time is money.’ They use it as a frame for every news report and political debate. They teach it in our schools. And so long as we keep believing it, it defines our future. In truth, every assertion of this Money Markets story is false and grossly misleading. The story is based on bad ethics, bad science and bad economics. We now see the environmental devastation, economic desperation, social alienation and the political corruption this fatally flawed story leaves everywhere in its path..
    The frame on the New Story is simple: Sacred Life. Living Earth, moving from “Time is money” to “Time is Life.”(Or as Jose Arguelles says: “Time is Art!”) Those who live in service to life, must organize around the articulation and sharing of a compelling, unifying counter story. We must make the articulation of a Sacred Life and Living Earth story a focal point in all arenas of our lives!” Join us for an exciting look at how to do just that!!
Ps: To prepare for the Books as Sacrament call, both books can be read in short order. Ishmael you will not want to put down! I will also send out a synthesis of the two books about two weeks before the call!!
Join us on Sunday, November 20th, 2022 at 4pm PST
 In Devotion.. ariel
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with Oceanna Visions & Patrick Talbot
Patrick and Oceanna merge to bring Living Ritual and Ceremony – guidance in the Symbiotic Rhythms of Nature – Hearing Mothers Heartbeat, offering immersions, community, vision quests LIVE in profoundly beautiful nature spaces..
SoulStar Charts
Greyson Kirby
Greyson Kirby is a watercolor artist who creates unique Soul Star Chart paintings based on the exact day, time and location of your birth.
Blue Dragon Alchemy
Bogar Argon Carrillo
Anointing Holy Oils, Mythic Tools & Sacred Objects/Talismans, Sacred/Archetypal Art & Sound Healing.
Wu Wei Tea Temple
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A gathering place for Creatives, wanderers & lovers of life’s Little treasures. Tea, treats & Transformation in the heart of downtown Fairfax, CA.
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