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New Moon Saturday, August 27, 2022
The Forests Call
“May you be born in interesting times” seems to have been the wish we were granted when we chose to incarnate at this time on Earth. These times can seem strange, chaotic, even painful to bear as dualities and polarities seem to become louder and louder, divisions among people become starker and harsher with each passing day. We see people embracing visions of conspiracy, violence, apocalypse, swept up in the confusion of the vast changing energies we are experiencing.  Overwhelm sometimes invades our best efforts toward peace, equanimity, and harmony. 
The forests know the way, my friends. Listen!
Enter into the sweet scent of pine. Feel the frequency of green and gold, swirling and combining as sunlight through leaves and evergreen needles, dancing on the forest floor calling us to harmonize. Even if you don’t have access to a physical forest, you have an old growth forest within yourself. Here, you are invited to receive the healing gifts of the trees, the plants, the insects and fungi, the animals, birds, all the beings of the waters. They are gifts to themselves, to us, and to all of life through communion – through honest, open-hearted, authentic, present-moment sharing. We breath out, they breath in our breath. They breath out, we breathe in their healing breath…the flow of breath becoming a lemniscate harmonizing appearances of separation.    Forests live in a state of continual communion with all of the life within, with all the multitudes of life forms in the soil, on their bodies, in the air and they live in energetic communion with all of the cosmos – and that includes us if we are willing. We are like them; we are part of them. The forests know and invite us to remember… we are all connected, all interdependent, life in harmony.  Each of us are sovereign beings, and each of us are infinitely connected in interbeing within the vastness of this Universe.
The way of green and gold, the taste of mint, the scent of pine, are waiting to guide you deeper on your journey. Will you come? 
Follow the rustle of aspen leaves, the quiet grazing of the deer family, the call of the nuthatch and chickadee.  The Lady of Communion calls you ever deeper into your inner old growth forest, the vibrant realm of endlessly diverse life force available to fill your awareness of the truth of your innate innocence. No matter what you have done or not done in this life or others. No matter what may have been done or not done to you. You are innately innocent, a divine holy being.  
Yes, you.  
You are a Divine Holy Being!
And from this tender, gentle, vibrant state of awareness you are invited to be very still, breathing quietly yet deeply. Feel yourself being fully present in your forest and watch the play of life around you, feel it, breath with it. You must be very calm so as not to startle or scare this precious life into hiding.  Be ever so quiet and gentle with yourself within. Settle down, settle in, be still. 
What do you see, hear, sense in this place? 
This is the center of your light shield, the encodement of your life’s gifts, symbols, a sort of blueprint your soul as made just for you. What new awareness is waiting for you here? Be very open to the many ways of receiving this information – light, sound, sensation, knowing, image, music, geometries to name only a few possibilities. Be open to unusual-seeming ways of knowing.  What are your ways of knowing? What is your Light Shield revealing to you now to inform this cycle of the moon?
Your inner Universe awaits your exploration.
The outer Universe awaits your authentic expression. 
Will you come? 
Cynthia Itza, a Temple Keeper of The Lady of Communion Temple,
offers this transmission.
Guiding Principles & Guidelines
for Preparation and Participation in
Sanctuary of the Open Heart Circles
A STRONG REQUEST from Ariel to watch these important GUIDELINES for all Sanctuary circles!!
Inspiring wonder, astonishment, miracles!
Dear ones,

 Have you always searched for the deeper meaning in things?
Do you wonder about the larger patterns and how everything fits together?
 Where do you have a place to bounce the Mystery around in a circle of magical beings?
(These live circles are supportive of the Sanctuary Instagram page, where you can play the Mystery Mirabilis game of responding to the mystery questions for points toward a prize. Sound fun? If so, join us on Friday, December 24 at 4PM Pacific. (Accruing points towards a free deck of her Consciousness Koan Cards!) Mostly, we just want you to have fun playing with consciousness and deepening with the Mystery!
In delight, Ariel
JOIN US FOR THIS PARADIGM SHIFTING EXPLORATION of Priestessing a visionary social justice movement!!
Let’s come together to talk about using Transformative Justice to reset our societal norms, our definition of power, and our beliefs about gender to create more freedom, safety, and self-expression for all.
Vyana (Heather) Reynolds is a senior priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, who is serving on the Board of Directors and as a Temple Keeper for the Sanctuary of the Open Heart for over 13 years. She continues to transform the practice of law from her home in Hawaii. Archetypally, she is a mermaid Muse and water priestess. Vyana’s unorthodox and riveting bio is here.
The knee jerk reaction to America’s sexual violence epidemic is to put all sexual offenders in prison. But even if we did that, it wouldn’t solve our problem. Our culture is a factory of sexual offenders. WE created them and will continue to create more until we transform our culture. It’s time to reinvent the culture so that we stop producing sexual offenders and instead create a society that wants to uplift women and children rather than control, dominate or steal their power. 
That’s why our Community Luminary, Vyana Reynolds, founded and launched Phoenix Rising Empowerment Project just a few weeks ago, where she is questioning the very core of our assumptions and applying innovative interventions instead at a grass-roots level. Our vision of the future is more powerful than our experience of the past.   That is why we have a portion of our website dedicated to Champions – so we can honor those beings who are exhibiting the kind of behavior that we want to see in our world.
We start the healing by breaking the silence and sharing our stories in a safe container where they can be received, believed and documented privately without worry that they can one day be used against us in a court of law. A private database will allow us to identify repeat offenders more quickly and connect those offended to work together to hold offenders accountable, if they so choose.
We believe everyone can heal, even offenders, most of whom are known to us. 
Innovative interventions can use humor, creativity and elegance to find new ways to address old habits. We can rise above our past and evolve our species to a world that is safe for everyone. We haven’t even begun to see what’s possible for humanity when both men and women are empowered to reach their full potential. 
A New Community Offering!                  
13 Moon Oracle Divination each moon!
Dear Ones,
This zoom call offering is an opportunity to connect with each other around a-once-a- moon 13 Moon Oracle Divination/reading that we will draw and interpret together! There has been an expressed interest in creating a way to deepen as a community with The 13 Moon Oracle, to use it as an overview divination for that moon. If that sounds like delightful fun for you, please join us on Friday, September 16th at noon for our voyage of this adventure!!  
In Devotion.. ariel
When: Sat. September 24th NOON (gates open at 11:30)
Where: Yurt Temple Berkeley, CA. (directions given when you register)
What to bring: Please bring an autumnal harvest feast item to share after ceremony,
musical instruments, and ANY offerings in poem, song, dance to co-create the magic, around the theme of re-balancing, re-harmonizing with the Earth!
If in your joy, please bring a symbol or image, poem or song to share what you are harvesting at this time that you want to celebrate with community!!
Who: We welcome all genders and children who can hold ceremonial space.
Please join us for this delightful shared, supportive community celebration!
Heart donations gratefully accepted!
The Dream Weaver Circle
Dearest Weaver Dreamers,
Do you dream vividly and garner guidance and support from your dreams? If so, consider joining Priest/ess’ from around the world in the Dream Weaver Circle to share and connect around dreams. We will hold a zoom call once a moon to look at and garner the wisdom from our personal and collective dreams. We will also set the patterning to connect etherically in Dream Temples. Our next Dream Weaver circle will be Friday, September 2, 2022 at 12pm Pacific.
Throughout all times, Priest/ess’ have been sensitive receptors for the Greater Divine Dream, dreaming itself through us. They have functioned as oracles seeing into the non-linear matrix of time and space, as sensitive instruments aware of a broader spectrum of quantum possibilities manifesting. They have been messengers for the archetypal realms who interface and seed divine, creative possibilities through the non-linear nature of dreams. For the collective community, oftentimes they were harbingers of events providing an immediate opportunity to act on the messages delivered from higher realms. It is for all these reasons, that we gather as a Dream Weaver Circle. If, as an aspect of your Priest/esshood, you perceive of yourself as a conscious Dreamer in these reflections, then join us in service, by submitting dreams that have this mythic, collective, archetypal and transpersonal quality. 
 This Dream Weaver’s circle focuses on dreams that are archetypal and mytho-poetic in nature. It is the intention of this offering to look for the larger patterns in the collective Dreamfield that are emerging through the lens of the conscious dreaming of the priest/esses in the circle. As well, themes can be suggested for our conscious dreaming of reality, that can and do affect the collective Dreamfield matrix.
   It is not the intention of this circle to analyze or necessarily even to respond to the dreams, as each recipient will garner his/her own wisdom, inspiration and gifts from sharing a given dream. However, if you choose to respond by lucidly entering the Dreamtime to share and commune telepathically, that is certainly being encouraged!
Please enjoy going to have a look at the new Dream Weaver offering on the Sanctuary website, where you can post dreams, make comments and find the schedule for our once a moon zoom call Dream Weaver circles! Click HERE!
If you are interested in connecting with other dreamers between moonly zoom calls please join our facebook group: Click here to join Facebook group.
Perspicacity is more subtle than simply demonstrating high intelligence or mental acuity. It implies a penetrating aspect of intelligence that more than soley reasons and “understands things”. It is one thing to have the intelligence to reason and understand something, it is another to penetrate the more subtle aspects of that which is perceived… to be able to have the refined discernment to compare and contrast those differences with the subtlety of penetrating intelligence. Perspicacity moves more into the realm of the way intuition works. Come to this Soul Salon to explore this powerful concept and in the process perhaps become more perspicacious! We will explore Complexity theory, the scientific realm called “the edge of chaos” to find new ways through the present global eco-system collapse that is the hallmark of that realm. Rather than capitulating to helplessness, how can we discover how to celebrate and move with this transition phase that is between stagnation and anarchy toward spontaneous, adaptive solutions?
Join us for this exploration on Wednesday, September 7th at 12PM PST!
Sunday, September 11th, 2022 AT 4PM PST
Re-Visioning-Alchemy Circle
“May thine eye be single.”
Dear Beloveds…
For me, the most potent aspect of Empty Presence is the alchemical transmutation that becomes possible as we hold that field together. We are inspired to offer a moonly call expressly to focus our attention on collective transmutation through alchemical re-visioning, as we are trained to do in etheric Priest/ess temples. That is, with our unified attention in Emptiness, to re-script and re-vision what appearances on the screen of life are most requiring transformation at the time, while also amplifying and giving thanks for that which IS changing and working toward life sustaining choices. We have the power to work WITH Divine intention to change the constructs we have chosen to accept and call “reality”. Whether you call that process the hundredth monkey theory postulated by Rupert Sheldrake as morphogenetic field theory or the formula for shifting underlying reality constructs postulated by Gregg Braden in the Divine Matrix of the square root of one percent of the human population, it is the same operant principle. The summation of which can be simply stated:
WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the outcome of the “reality movie” in which we participate!
Do you hear the call to be a part of a Re-visioning-Alchemy circle to make a shift in the reality constructs of this planet? If so, please join us for our maiden Voyage to the Temple of Astraea on the etheric to remember and be re-trained in this advanced Priestess meditation art!
Let us gather in our unified power as Priest/esses to offer the ancient art of Re-visioning-Alchemy for the Purpose of being the Divine Shuttle Reweaving the collective Dream!
Join us for our Voyage to the etheric Priest/ess Temple of Astraea (that we journeyed to at Winter Solstice) to dimensionally gather for this sacred intention.
Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 4PM PST
We know we have the power to shift
the collective constructs of this planet
through our unified intention in Love!
Let us use our singular vision for the potent purpose
of greatly needed alchemical transmutation!
( Through Priest/esses mythically spinning straw into alchemical gold!)
In Oneness…Ariel
13 Moon Oracle

I would love to tell you about the 13 Moon Oracle on Ariel’s new website:
The 13 Moon Oracle is a dimensional surfboard! It offers a means for expanding consciousness simply through being with the vibration of its transmission. It is designed as a consciousness tuning fork to open you to divine, archetypal interface. Click here to discover more!
Enjoy your time in The Living Library Dear One.
It is here to nurture you as you walk your soul path, to feed and inspire your spirit to spin gold from the threads and gems you find here!
Please join us for Drink from Her Well, a joyful guided exploration to Her Holy Waters.
Offered Wednesdays near the new moon every month, from 12-1 p.m. Pacific
October 26th, 2022 at 12PM PST
A Personal Invitation from Ariel
Dear Ones…
Drink from Her Well is a direct demonstration and training for how to work with collective alchemy! It means so much for the collective awakening, that we hold these alchemical circles, both physically and etherically, beyond ego mind and in Divine Love’s name. It is so critical now, that the Divine Feminine rise in alignment and integrity with the most expanded viewpoint of what is being asked of us at this intense time of planetary transformation. 
Please join us for the next Drink from Her Well!
In Her Name,
Gather ‘Round the Fires of Consciousness to Explore and Share Awareness
Dear Ones,
From our first two “Books as Sacrament” circles, as a follow up to the mystical map presented in LSD and the Mind of the Universe, and Nada Brahma: The World is Sound, this third book: On Becoming an Alchemist by Catherine MacCoun, is like a practical “how to” manual for navigating dimensionally, in the direction these other two books were pointing us. It is “about” alchemy, put into a very expanded consciousness context.
 Alchemy is usually seen as a very arcane and inscrutably mysterious coded language. This book makes it much more user friendly and accessible to decode the wisdom held within alchemy! Catherine MacCoun gives us wisdom from the point of view that alchemical magic never defies the laws of nature, but rather observes the workings of those laws at an earlier stage than is evident to the physical senses. She goes into depth about the subtle senses that pick up where the physical senses leave off. She shares about the perception that when journeying in the vertical dimensions, there is a desire to make horizontal sense of what is perceived in the vertical and it is what differentiates mysticism from gnosis. To come back from the vertical with something intelligible to report is the way of the sage or seer. It is that ability to come back from dimensional experience with gnosis (direct knowing) and be able to express it to others in some form, is what we will be looking at together in this “Books as Sacrament” circle!
Join us on Sunday, September 18, 2022 at 4PM PST
 In Devotion.. ariel
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Law Offices of Heather Reynolds
Mythic Estate Planning is offered by the world’s only mer-lawyer, Heather Reynolds (aka Vyana). 
with Oceanna Visions & Patrick Talbot
Patrick and Oceanna merge to bring Living Ritual and Ceremony – guidance in the Symbiotic Rhythms of Nature – Hearing Mothers Heartbeat, offering immersions, community, vision quests LIVE in profoundly beautiful nature spaces..
SoulStar Charts
Greyson Kirby
Greyson Kirby is a watercolor artist who creates unique Soul Star Chart paintings based on the exact day, time and location of your birth.
Blue Dragon Alchemy
Bogar Argon Carrillo
Anointing Holy Oils, Mythic Tools & Sacred Objects/Talismans, Sacred/Archetypal Art & Sound Healing.
Wu Wei Tea Temple
Tracy Brien
A gathering place for Creatives, wanderers & lovers of life’s Little treasures. Tea, treats & Transformation in the heart of downtown Fairfax, CA.
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Celebrating your Unconditionally Loving Nature, 
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We are planetary midwives celebrating Unity Consciousness. Joyously following our sovereign paths, we join in unified service to Love and heart-centered awareness.
We delight in focusing on the mythic, archetypal, and soul-directed dimensions of being. We hold sacred Temple space where creativity, connectedness and cooperation vibrantly flourish. We envision stewarding physical Temples in devotion to Love. With all sentient life, we rise in Love, in peace, for nature and each other.
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