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New Moon Saturday, January 21, 2023


“What is it to be a Crone, a Wise Wo/man? “Crone” comes from the word corona.. the light around the head and body. Please read the following paragraph slowly and FEEL these descriptors of what it is to be a Wise Woman: The crone knits the shadows. Puts the truth in love. Considers death a friend. Stands at births. Drinks tears, catches tears, seeing them as magical. Is a giver of blessings. Her presence bestows wisdom. The crone is the being no matter what age or gender who perceives truth directly through Heart Knowing. S/he stands between the worlds of the rational and the mysterium, living “between the worlds”. S/he holds a child-like wisdom in an ancient heart. Her very presence changes those s/he touches. Her presence bestows wisdom, the energy s/he gives off is mana, darshan, sacred food for the spirit, energy that informs. S/he assists beings in finding their essential relationship with the creation.” Marion Woodman
There are many things that distinguish having stepped into the Wise Wo/man archetype, that have nothing to do with age or gender. Can you make choices without first consulting the “What Will They Think of Me If I Do That” Mirror? If so, you are a Wise Wo/man. We Wise Wo/men are free to choose to do anything, without checking with anyone, including loving (into wholeness) the previously tyrannical “inner critic” that accidentally internalized all the parental and over-culture voices that have been tape looped on their own! Whoops!
  We Wise Wo/men are characterized by a “devil may care” kind of panache. That is, a cheeky expression of uniqueness in our unusual style of dress, our sense of humor, our creativity, our commitment to Not Boring God! We are the wild creativity of the Muse tempered with the Wisdom of experience, whose union creates a magical suspension bridge invitation to the dinner party of Divine Communion. This makes us a wild card dinner guest that keeps things amped up to unpredictable, offering back door, often hilarious approaches to awakening, that leave people befuddled and “be-mused” because their minds just can’t “figure it out”!! What a gift! We know there is nothing to change, no where to go, no one to become and so we have our “Wise Wo/man purse” filled with piquing possibilities for fun along the way!
You will know a Wise Wo/man by the twinkle in our eyes. That cheeky look is a sure indicator that we know something, and you want to know what it is. The funny thing is, when you have looked deeply into a Wise Wo/man’s eyes something is transmitted that you just can’t know, but something in you has been illuminated. When you find one, look deeply into the eyes of that Wise Wo/man. It is a Divine opportunity.
As a Wise Wo/man, I call you into simplifying in the heart. What a precious opportunity this life is. If you are running madly in the gerbil wheel that we call “reality”, that fact is sadly often missed. In this over complexified world, it is wisdom that asks you to choose to slow down and SIMPLIFY, so that you can see clearly through the eyes of heart knowing! There, that which you long for, hangs out on a regular basis. Drop by! Check it out!
Through The Wise Woman as embodied in Ariel

Offered by Ariel Spilsbury, Temple Keeper of
The Wise Wo/man’s Temple, Author of the 13 Moon Oracle and Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School.
Learn more about her work HERE!
Guiding Principles & Guidelines
for Preparation and Participation in
Sanctuary of the Open Heart Circles
A STRONG REQUEST from Ariel to watch these important GUIDELINES for all Sanctuary circles!!
Indulge yourself, or a beloved, to the gift of
“The Wise Wo/man”
13 Moon Anointing Holy Oil!
The 13 Moon Anointing Holy Oils are created in the tradition of the Scent Priests and Priestesses from the ancient temples around the world.
These holy oils are heart medicine, streaming through the soul from the 13 Moon Temples to support you in embodying these aspects of the Divine Feminine. In simply using these anointing holy oils we receive Her grace directly!
Save 13% on The Wise Wo/man Anointing Holy Oil this moon
with code: SANCTUARY13
Wednesday, February 15, 2023 at 12PM PST
Dear Ones..
We are joyful to invite you to attend our first exciting Community Luminary of the year. Her name is Silvie Sachsen-Coburg who resides in Austria. Silvie is an artist,(and mala maker) doula, initiate in devotion, hatha and yin yoga teacher, guardian of her land, talisman maker, mother, wife, women’s circle holder, wild herbalist, keeper of the mysteries of the Wheel of the Year, sweat lodge apprentice, joy bringer. In this session we will explore the use of mala’s in our sacred Priestess practices and be given a mala meditation to work with.
When Silvie entered the 13 Moon Mystery School, the Muse within her received a clear vision for the creation of sacred prayer beads – malas for celebrating each unique, archetypal moon. Each mala is a tool of devotion, a tactile joy, an anchor to ground into the frequency and colors of each archetype using the crystals and mantras that are aligned with each. She followed the path of curiosity and excitement to create these offerings out of her devotion to the Goddess. She handcrafts sacred malas in coherence with the archetypes of the Divine Feminine.
For those of you who may not be familiar with the tradition of malas, here is a short definition. A mala is a loop of 108 beads with a “guru” bead and a tassle. The beads are made of materials like seeds, wood, stone or crystals. Silvie uses 8mm gemstone beads with the crystals that have been listed by Ariel in The 13 Moon Oracle and The Alchemy of Ecstasy for each archetype. She strings them on silk and makes a knot after each bead that is infused with prayer. Mala making is a sacred practice of deep trust and devotion. Each one is a meditation, a heart offering, an act of surrender where she enters a deep meditative state of emptiness, allowing her hands to become a Divine channel for infusing the currents of Divine Mother into the malas. 
Join us to explore this wonderful exploration of malas. 

Re-Visioning-Alchemy Circle
“May thine eye be single.”
Dear Beloveds…
For me, the most potent aspect of Empty Presence is the alchemical transmutation that becomes possible as we hold that field together. We are inspired to offer a moonly call expressly to focus our attention on collective transmutation through alchemical re-visioning, as we are trained to do in etheric Priest/ess temples. That is, with our unified attention in Emptiness, to re-script and re-vision what appearances on the screen of life are most requiring transformation at the time, while also amplifying and giving thanks for that which IS changing and working toward life sustaining choices. We have the power to work WITH Divine intention to change the constructs we have chosen to accept and call “reality”. Whether you call that process the hundredth monkey theory postulated by Rupert Sheldrake as morphogenetic field theory or the formula for shifting underlying reality constructs postulated by Gregg Braden in the Divine Matrix of the square root of one percent of the human population, it is the same operant principle. The summation of which can be simply stated:
WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the outcome of the “reality movie” in which we participate!
Do you hear the call to be a part of a Re-visioning-Alchemy circle to make a shift in the reality constructs of this planet? If so, please join us for our Voyage to the Temple of Astraea on the etheric to remember and be re-trained in this advanced Priestess meditation art!
Let us gather in our unified power as Priest/esses to offer the ancient art of Re-visioning-Alchemy for the Purpose of being the Divine Shuttle Reweaving the collective Dream!
Join us for our Voyage to the etheric Priest/ess Temple of Astraea (that we journeyed to at Winter Solstice) to dimensionally gather for this sacred intention.
Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 5:00PM PST
We know we have the power to shift
the collective constructs of this planet
through our unified intention in Love!
Let us use our singular vision for the potent purpose
of greatly needed alchemical transmutation!
( Through Priest/esses mythically spinning straw into alchemical gold!)
In Oneness…Ariel
FREE IMBOLC Ceremony to Introduce the Mythic Year 2023 with uMa, Crone at the Crossroads
Mythic Year Circle 2023
A 13 Moon Archetypal Deep Dive
Saturate yourself in one archetypal frequency for the whole year
This is a new format of a 13 moon circle where you will have the opportunity to journey deep with one archetype throughout 2023. 
There will be four ceremonial calls at the seasonal turns of the wheel (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) where the archetypes will reveal how each season is informing your life.
The entire circle will come together once a moon for a 1 hour Zoom deepening call and, on the months where there is not a ceremonial call, you will have a 1 hour one-one-one with uMa, Crone at the Crossroads to feel how your individual journey is unfolding as you saturate with the archetypal frequency you have chosen.
uMa will send you a Crone’s recipe for activating and integrating your archetypal focus so that you can see the great transformation that happens when you step into being a Temple Keeper of that archetype.
By the end of the year, you will carry the embodied frequency that will stir the cauldron of HeartWisdom for the self and the whole. You will have the entire year to create the alchemical gold of the shadows that may be peeking out at the start of the year.
We will launch with a FREE Imbolc ceremony on Monday, January 30th 10:30am-12:30pm Pacific in the Zoom Temple. You are welcome to come to the Imbolc Free Call if you would like to explore before registering for the whole year.
Four Turn of the Wheel Ceremonies: with uMa & Greyson
  • Monday, March 20th 10:30am-12:30pm SPRING EQUINOX
  • Monday, June 19th 10:30am-12:30pm SUMMER SOLSTICE
  • Monday, September 25th 10:30am-12:30pm FALL EQUINOX
  • Monday, December 18th 10:30am-12:30pm WINTER SOLSTICE
Deepening Circle Zoom Calls: with uMa
February 6th: Circle Launches 10:30am-12:30pm 
One-on-One Session
April: Circle Call & One-on-One
May: Circle Call & One-on-One
July: Circle Call & One-on-One
August: Circle Call & One-on-One
October: Circle Call & One-on-One
November: Circle Call & One-on-One
January 2024: Completion Circle & One-on-One with a possible Retreat in Santa Barbara
Personal one-on-one activations and immersions are also available in Santa Barbara upon request.
More information & Sign Up Here:
Email: or reach out via: (805)448-7558
Exchange: $200/month
Or Pay in Full $2,100 with 10% discount
*Much less than therapy and a LOT more fun!*
Exchange Includes:
8 One Hour Sessions One on One with the Crone at the Crossroads with Personal Recipes for Integration
8 One Hour Deepening Calls with the Entire Circle 
4 Turns of the Wheel 2 Hour Zoom Ceremonies 
Meet Your Mythic Team:

Sarah uMa
Aka “Crone at the Crossroads” has been a Focalizer for the 13 Moon Mystery School for over 11 years and a Temple Keeper for the Alchemcial Goddess of Ecstasy for the Sacntuary of the Open Heart for 20 years. She has apprenticed with Bradford and Hillary Keeney, Crazy Wisdom masters, in their Sacred Ecstatic Guild and is ready now to step into a new way of Initaition through the lens of the Wise Woman/Crone that she is. SaRah uMa has many somatic movement modalities in her belt of wisdom. She has been an embodiment guide and is here to Be the body of the Mother, to give birth to a new way, awakening the divine children from their slumber and wake up laughing. She lives in the Crone’s cottage in Avalon in the flooded foothills of Santa Barbara where she holds retreats and communes with the coyotes. She is a Grandmother, Mother, Sister and a Holy Fool.
Greyson Kirby
Greyson is currently the 13 Moon Temple Keeper of the Initiator archetype. Her gift with being able to perceive and then speak the truth she sees has literally been honed to a fine art in the sacred work she offers. She is an ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon lineage and is grateful for the opportunity to co-create alongside her mentor Sarah uMa. Greyson is a gifted intuitive astrologer and watercolor artist. She has brought these gifts together in what she calls SoulStar Charts, Gene Keys Charts and Archetypal Wheels. She creates these charts for self-inquiry, inner exploration and meditation.
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The Dream Weaver Circle
February 3rd at 12PM PST
Dearest Weaver Dreamers,
Do you dream vividly and garner guidance and support from your dreams? If so, consider joining Priest/ess’ from around the world in the Dream Weaver Circle to share and connect around dreams. We will hold a zoom call once a moon to look at and garner the wisdom from our personal and collective dreams. We will also set the patterning to connect etherically in Dream Temples. Our next Dream Weaver circle will be Friday, February 3, 2023 at 12pm Pacific.
Throughout all times, Priest/ess’ have been sensitive receptors for the Greater Divine Dream, dreaming itself through us. They have functioned as oracles seeing into the non-linear matrix of time and space, as sensitive instruments aware of a broader spectrum of quantum possibilities manifesting. They have been messengers for the archetypal realms who interface and seed divine, creative possibilities through the non-linear nature of dreams. For the collective community, oftentimes they were harbingers of events providing an immediate opportunity to act on the messages delivered from higher realms. It is for all these reasons, that we gather as a Dream Weaver Circle. If, as an aspect of your Priest/esshood, you perceive of yourself as a conscious Dreamer in these reflections, then join us in service, by submitting dreams that have this mythic, collective, archetypal and transpersonal quality. 
 This Dream Weaver’s circle focuses on dreams that are archetypal and mytho-poetic in nature. It is the intention of this offering to look for the larger patterns in the collective Dreamfield that are emerging through the lens of the conscious dreaming of the priest/esses in the circle. As well, themes can be suggested for our conscious dreaming of reality, that can and do affect the collective Dreamfield matrix.
   It is not the intention of this circle to analyze or necessarily even to respond to the dreams, as each recipient will garner his/her own wisdom, inspiration and gifts from sharing a given dream. However, if you choose to respond by lucidly entering the Dreamtime to share and commune telepathically, that is certainly being encouraged!
Please enjoy going to have a look at the new Dream Weaver offering on the Sanctuary website, where you can post dreams, make comments and find the schedule for our once a moon zoom call Dream Weaver circles! Click HERE!
If you are interested in connecting with other dreamers between moonly zoom calls please join our facebook group: Click here to join Facebook group.
Blue Dragon Alchemy Presents:
“Sacred Anointing for Yourself
& Those Passing”
Blue Dragon Alchemy Presents:
A Day of Remembrance Through Scent
Explore the ancient practice of Sacred Anointing, a sacred tool that uses frequency modulation to transform consciousness through conscious touch. Join Argon, a Scent Priest, as he leads you through this powerful process and discover anointing’s transformative potency for yourself and those passing.
In this class, you will delve into how to use anointing as a sacred practice of devotion. Discovering the impact of anointing utilizing high frequency oils and gain unique understanding of their metaphysical properties. You will learn the basics of anointing, yourself and others, specifically the body of those passing, to offer peace and comfort in their final moments. You will come away with understanding the profound impact of this sacred practice and gain hands-on experience.
This class is open to people of all spiritual backgrounds and beliefs. This is also suitable for both beginners and those with some prior knowledge in Sacred Anointing.
Each participant will have the opportunity to connect with a holy oil that resonates with them intuitively. They will be gifted this oil to take home and continue integrating what they have learned from the workshop.
Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your spiritual practice!
Date: Sat Feb 18, 2023
Time: 10AM-5:30PM PST
Location: San Rafael, CA
Exchange $200 + $22 for materials to be paid at the workshop
Register now to reserve your spot!
Argon Carrillo, Founder of Blue Dragon Alchemy, a Certified Anointing Practitioner/Teacher and Scent Priest of Diana DuBrow’s Emerald Temple, a 13 Moon Priest, Reiki Master Practitioner.
Tuesday, February 28 at 5PM
What if you had a way to see the larger pattern that is fueling your “unhappiness” or dissatisfaction with yourself or your life? Michael Singer makes the approach to this difficult question in consciousness become very simple, accessible and understandable. And it is not New Age platitudes about how to be more happy. It offers a genuine revelation of a practical, simple way to view reality without the interference of the small mind, constantly “telling” you, due to your wounding and thus your preferences, what is presently making you seem “unhappy”. If you are willing to read this book and begin to practice the awareness of mind that it proffers, you will see for yourself that your happiness is actually due to your choosing it, not due to the circumstances outside yourself. Please come to share about this seminal shift in awareness. If you get excited about the possibilities inherent in this one choice, at the same time get his next book Living Untethered as well. It is well worth the deeper dive into this inquiry.
Join us on Tuesday, February 28 at 5PM PST
Thursday, February 16 at Noon PST
13 Moon Oracle Divination each moon!
Dear Ones,
This zoom call offering is an opportunity to connect with each other around a-once-a- moon 13 Moon Oracle Divination/reading that we will draw and interpret together! There has been an expressed interest in creating a way to deepen as a community with The 13 Moon Oracle, to use it as an overview divination for that moon. If that sounds like delightful fun for you, please join us on Thursday, February 16th at noon for our voyage of this adventure!!  

In Devotion.. ariel
What is generosity really? What motivates its expression in ourselves and others? In this Soul Salon this moon, we are going to be exploring the nature of generosity. I love holding generosity as having nothing to do with what our present circumstances are at any time. That is, if all we have at the moment is a candy bar to share, then out of generosity, we choose without flinching or contracting, to break it in half and share it. This choice implies that we trust that the Universe is always looking out for us and thus that our needs will be met, as we generously open our hearts to give and our hands to receive. This investigation also implies the willingness to look at what attitudes and beliefs we hold in the shadow of generosity that we can choose to consciously release, creating the flow of even more abundance for ourselves and others. Generosity has to do with flow, being in the natural current of Love!
Join us on Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 at Noon Pacific!
13 Moon Oracle

I would love to tell you about the 13 Moon Oracle on Ariel’s new website:
The 13 Moon Oracle is a dimensional surfboard! It offers a means for expanding consciousness simply through being with the vibration of its transmission. It is designed as a consciousness tuning fork to open you to divine, archetypal interface. Click here to discover more!
Enjoy your time in The Living Library Dear One.
It is here to nurture you as you walk your soul path, to feed and inspire your spirit to spin gold from the threads and gems you find here!
Please join us for Drink from Her Well, a joyful guided exploration to Her Holy Waters.
Offered Wednesdays near the new moon every month, from 12-1 p.m. Pacific
January 25th, 2023 at 12PM PST
A Personal Invitation from Ariel
Dear Ones…
Drink from Her Well is a direct demonstration and training for how to work with collective alchemy! It means so much for the collective awakening, that we hold these alchemical circles, both physically and etherically, beyond ego mind and in Divine Love’s name. It is so critical now, that the Divine Feminine rise in alignment and integrity with the most expanded viewpoint of what is being asked of us at this intense time of planetary transformation. 
Please join us for the next Drink from Her Well!
In Her Name,
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Law Offices of Heather Reynolds
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with Oceanna Visions & Patrick Talbot
Patrick and Oceanna merge to bring Living Ritual and Ceremony – guidance in the Symbiotic Rhythms of Nature – Hearing Mothers Heartbeat, offering immersions, community, vision quests LIVE in profoundly beautiful nature spaces..
SoulStar Charts
Greyson Kirby
Greyson Kirby is a watercolor artist who creates unique Soul Star Chart paintings based on the exact day, time and location of your birth.
Blue Dragon Alchemy
Bogar Argon Carrillo
Anointing Holy Oils, Mythic Tools & Sacred Objects/Talismans, Sacred/Archetypal Art & Sound Healing.
Wu Wei Tea Temple
Tracy Brien
A gathering place for Creatives, wanderers & lovers of life’s Little treasures. Tea, treats & Transformation in the heart of downtown Fairfax, CA.
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We are planetary midwives celebrating Unity Consciousness. Joyously following our sovereign paths, we join in unified service to Love and heart-centered awareness.
We delight in focusing on the mythic, archetypal, and soul-directed dimensions of being. We hold sacred Temple space where creativity, connectedness and cooperation vibrantly flourish. We envision stewarding physical Temples in devotion to Love. With all sentient life, we rise in Love, in peace, for nature and each other.
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