Meet the 13 Moon Focalizers (in a 5 min. video)


Here is your opportunity to get to know the energy of a potential Focalizer whom you want to be guided into the Mystery with. With these videos you can see which Focalizer you feel the most heart resonance with. In these videos the Focalizers will be answering basic questions that you would want to ask such as:

  • How they found the path.
  • What was it that called them to this 13 Moon path?
  • What is their primary archetypal frequency or the way through which they transmit these energies? What priestess specialties do they carry?
  • Which are their primary archetypal emanations? Which archetypal frequencies do they carry most strongly?
  • What did it take for them to step into being a 13 Moon Focalizer?
  • Why is this work so powerful? How has it transformed their life and what transformation have they witnessed in others?


These are all trained and seasoned 13 Moon Focalizers, all doing beautiful work. it is yours to determine which one you have the most resonance with and to apply to them.

If you are considering whether to enter the 13 Moon Mystery School as an initiate in a year long circle, or to become ordained after a year long 13 Moon Mystery School circle, or you desire to become a certified Focalizer/Initiator of this work, the intention of this 10 min. video is to give you more clarity, with which to make that choice. After this general overview, you may also wish to see the individual videos of the Focalizers of the 13 Moon work, to assess which Focalizer you feel deepest resonance and alignment with, to go on this amazing journey in consciousness.

I bless your choice whatever path you choose to walk as a soul!
In Devotion,
Ariel Spilsbury
Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School

13 Moon Mystery School Path of Ordination and Focalizer Path from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.

We are all such multi-faceted gems, many faces of which have yet even to be discovered! Ariel is the “gem revealing” Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School. It is the intention of this Mystery School offering to reveal the mythic and archetypal aspects of who you are as a essential Essence. Who told you this journey of revelation couldn’t be delightful, full of joy and wonder? Contrary to the cultural point of view of “no pain no gain”, it is Divine Feminine’s point of view that JOY is our raison d’etre, our very reason to be in existence at all! All of the certified focalizers of this work share this point of view, so regardless of which one you choose, that will be a lens through which their offerings are focused! Join us in this exciting, joy filled journey of discovery! ~ In Delight, Ariel Spilsbury

Vyana Reynolds Testimonial from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.

Natalia Price 13 Moon Focalizer from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.

Kalila Doughty 13 Moon Focalizer from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.

Sarah Uma 13 Moon Focalizer from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.

Eden Amadora 13 Moon Focalizer from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.


13 Moon Mystery School Archetypal Quiz
to Determine Your Primary Divine Feminine Archetype

Have you sensed that there is more than just your everyday personality and ego life? Do you want to live your life from the much larger lens of your BIGGER MYTHIC STORY? Archetypes provide a powerful and exciting entryway into that expanded story of your life! Archetypes are the larger than life blueprints which guide the mythic unfoldment of your soul life and purpose for incarnating in any lifetime. If you have sensed intuitively that there is a guide for that process, celebrate, you have found it! This short quiz is based on the 13 Divine Feminine archetypes from The 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury. By taking this simple quiz, you can become aware of which archetype is providing the primary guiding principle and archetypal lensing for this lifetime. How exciting! And that is only a tiny entry point to the Divine Feminine Mysteries that hold unimaginable treasures for your spiritual journey! Ready to dive in? See you on the other side!


Download the Archetypal Resonance Quiz