Temple Keeper for the Muse

Vyana Reynolds

As a fountain of creativity, I offer myself to bring through artistic expression, invention, storytelling (his/herstory), and  most of all, INSPIRATION.  In the  Muse temple, we allow ourselves to be swept away by the awe inspiring rush of flow and valuing our authentic Self-expression as one of our greatest gifts.

As a creatrix of novelty, especially discovered through play, we contribute our Divinity by venerating beauty, laughter and lightness of being.  I’m constantly reinventing myself as a shapeshifting mermaid of mythic proportions.  By the time I write this, I will have already transformed into something else, something even I did not anticipate.

Accessing inspiration requires a remembrance of my freedom and  power to create.  I’m often found cleaning up the “old ways that no longer serve” to create room for the new.  Under the right circumstances, the flow, like a river, is there for all of us to tap into.

My frequency is turquoise, and  I’m here to surprise and delight you, as the Universe likes to do when we stop to notice.  Adventure awaits as we find the faerie and  mermaid realms together and sing them home to our hearts.  If  we open to them in humility and listen deeply, we will be rewarded with pearls of wisdom.

The lure of the siren’s song is driving us from our deepest longing to be free and full throttle creators from joy.   The old traditions of using human  resources to “swab the deck” with the illusive promise of “making captain someday” still try to keep us from jumping ship, but the Muse will prevail when we follow our hearts instead.  Join me in the Muse temple — come play in the ways that we were always intended.

As Mermaid Vyana, I came to Hawaii to learn  play from the dolphin tribe.  Having been a type-A lawyer for over 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, this was a total miracle!  Living the mermaid myth has offered me the freedom to expand WHO I am in ways I never anticipated.  I love meeting the parts of myself I have never met before.  The diversely painted fish of the reef  here have taught me that nature holds nothing back and Self-expression  is where it’s at!

If magic exists anywhere, it definitely exists in water.  Discovering water implosion machines that cool the planet, and take pure drinking water out of thin air for the world is top of the list.  Star in a jar technology and bioluminescent lamps are up there too!  I’m  not even talking quantum physics yet.

Laughter is the bridge that brings people together – so let’s blow the roof off and our hearts wide open.  I love to tell wake up stories to sleepy humans from my bathtub donning my mermaid tail –in one form of archetypal theater.

Let’s create a sanctuary around  you  to remind you who you REALLY are, which is helpful when you get spiritual amnesia.  I love to help decorate to honor your mythic nature!

What?  You don’t have a theme song for your  life?  That just won’t do!  Let’s conspire immediately!

Lighten up, levitate and let go of anything that appears to “stop you.”  Yep, that’s how we roll at the Muse temple, waving our magic wands to focus our intentions.

Friend or follow me on Facebook at Vyana Reynolds.  Call my personal shell phone # 510-774-9356 for a mythic consult or magical tea party.

Adoringly — Vyana

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