Order of the Blue Rose

An Invitation from Ariel & the Sanctuary of the Open Heart

“What if you dreamed of the most exquisitely beautiful blue rose.. and when you awoke, you found it still in your hand?”

A Symbol of the Impossible Accomplished!

What if you were looking out from the holodeck overview that created the treasure chest of our Living Library? What if it were possible to expand your awareness to be looking through that lensing of reality?

We will offer a once-a-moon, high resonance ceremony starting this Fall. In these Zoom ceremonies, we can connect with others around the planet to explore expanding the way we hold reality, simply by playing with each other in consciousness!

If you are already a member of the Chalice Guardian, Steward or Bearer levels, please click here for Step 1: to apply to the Order of the Blue Rose. When you are done with Step 1, click here for Step 2: Glass Bead Game checklist

If you are not yet a member, click here to join at the Chalice Guardian, Steward or Bearer levels. Once you have signed up, return here to apply to the Order of the Blue Rose.

Once cleared, you will receive notifications as to when we will be playing in expanded consciousness together in what we will call Glass Bead Games!!

Until then, we will meet you in the Order of the Blue Rose Room on the etheric plane or in the DreamTime! Let us awaken together, with the blue rose still in our hands, and with the impossible already accomplished!

Apply to Join the Order of the Blue Rose