Temple Keeper for the Priest/ess

Diana DuBrow

In ancient times we entered the temple to be trained as living embodiments of the Goddesses for the community we served. In modern times we are re-initiating the sacred through the 13 archetypal interfaces brought to us from the 13 Moon Mystery School. It is an honor for me to serve as a temple keeper of the Priestess archetype, helping woman and men reclaim these lost arts. I am a priestess who honors the rites of anointing as one of the seminal priestess skills. I offer this remembrance through Scent Priestess trainings and working with high frequency anointing oils. I welcome this opportunity to serve you and encourage you to open your heart as you join with us

Bio Information for Diana DuBrow
From my earliest memories of childhood, I wanted to return to the temple. It was a living Sanctuary that I went to in my dreamtime. While other children were playing with fairies, I was wrapping myself in shawls and covering my head as I sang my prayers. I call this embodied remembrance from another time and place. Clearly the archetype of the Priestess was calling me home, to myself, to the dreamtime and to the mother. There was a soul credo of activated service to others that was deeply imbedded in my heart and this took precedence in my life’s work and purpose. When I was in my early thirty’s a great mentor came into my life. Elizabeth Kublar Ross who brought hospice to the United States. This was at a time when children were being abandoned in hospitals due to the Aids epidemic. Elizabeth founded Shanti Nalaya (House of Peace) and brought the children to this sanctuary so they could pass with love and dignity. Being with Elizabeth and the children opened me to Sacred Passage guide work and created a foundation for my moving deeper into my Priestessing. Years later I had a lucid dream where I was taken into the Emerald Temple and witnessed an ancient anointing ritual that brought me into full remembrance of my calling as a Scent Priestess and a mystical temple keeper of anointing oil formulas. I have dedicated my life in service to what I feel is the highest power in the universe, Love and through this devotion the following has been birthed.

Diana DuBrow is a Scent Priestess and founder of The Emerald Temple. For over forty years, Diana’s intuitive and visionary gifts have been used to initiate women into the ancient art of Anointing, called “The Kiss of Spirit on the Body”. As an aromatic alchemist, Diana has created a line of high frequency anointing oils that are referred to as liquid light in a bottle. Through her Scent Priestess Certification Training, a sisterhood has been birthed as women awaken to their sacred gifts as Holy Anointers and Priestess’ in service to love. Diana joyously serves as a temple keeper for the Priestess archetype in the Sanctuary of the Open heart. For more information please go to

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