13 Moon™ Oracle : A Journey Through the Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine


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Product Description

The 13 Moon™ Oracle is an inner roadmap beyond compare, an entryway into the Mystery offering a holographic form and alchemical map for your consciousness to effortlessly enter into a higher order of reality with ecstasy and joy.

This video with Ariel Spilsbury and Kalila Doughty sharing in depth as to why you would be deeply served in getting this tool to work with.

13 Moon™ Oracle includes:

• 39 full color cards
• oracular throwing mat
• three tokens in a velvet pouch
• four CDs with guided visualizations for each of the 13 Archetypes
• 204 page color guidebook

“As rare as frost on a pomegranate and as powerful as 10,000 suns, Ariel Spilsbury’s opus 13 Moon Oracle, drinks in a sky of knowledge. She has distilled her life’s study into an intelligent, organic, oracular technology designed to assist seekers of truth in surrendering to what they’ve always known but may have forgotten. Ariel, a perennial sage of our time, has given us a gift.. the gift of a tool to explore the ecstatic Mystery too vast to quench the thirst of comprehension.” Wade McCullum, Insight Out Theater Collective, Artistic Director

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“When I opened the parcel with the 13 Moon Oracle, rose petals and a card from Ariel fell out….. and shivers ran up and down my spine. Touching the cards and the book made my hands and feet burn with fire and my entire body tingled! NOW I understand why I had the sense of “needing” the 13 moon oracle – the power it contains – AND the absolute proof for my scientific mind that Mother truly IS taking care of me – when I surrender, I receive… got it! Hallelujah!!!!”

– Silke Fuchs Lima Peru


“A stellar structure and system for accessing feminine wisdom and energy! For those who desire a way to access pure feminine wisdom and energy as a way to guide their own lives, work and others, the 13 Moon Oracle offers one of the purest frequencies of the feminine mysteries and archetypes I know. The smaller version of this oracle works both as a powerful way to introduce people to the feminine in a way that taps them into an ancient knowing relevant for today’s world. The full oracle is like Avalon in a box for those who are desiring a deeper dive in the feminine mysteries. Even women who have studied the feminine for decades tell me that the oracle and the structure it provides has opened up portals within them and given them language that guides them deeply.”

– Christine Arylo, MBA, Feminine Leadership Advisor, Author

“I decided to start figuring out how to work with my Moon map from the 13 Moon Oracle. I started by watching the video on your Sanctuary of the Open Heart, Living Library to figure out how to use it. I had such an incredible experience as I entrained with the image of the moon map on my screen! It is impossible to put into words, but I will try. At first sight, the ‘pie slices’ on the moon map became spikes and immediately the circles began pulsing, expanding and contracting, forming slides projecting all geometries one by one in the middle (where the Alchemistica symbol is in the center of the moon board) merging into one another until it became the Alchemistica symbol again. The moons started moving in a starry deep blue sky, circling deep down into the Void, becoming the Cosmic Womb. Then it dawned on me. “This is it. This is a blueprint of life, this is a blueprint of.. everything in existence! All my seeking, all my answers, it is all mapped here. I was so deeply moved by this awareness, that it took my breath away and I began crying. Right then and there I felt “I’ve come home! , no more searching, or becoming, simply BEING!” The circles began forming one big snake spiraling up. Then the Alchemistica symbol in the center popped ‘up’, lit up and landed like a “sealing stamp’ on my third eye, spiraling its way in.. HOLY SMOKES!! and this was just my first entrainment with the moon map!”

–  Tinne Ayana