13 Moon™ Oracle Cards: Finding Guidance from Within



Product Description

This is a handy, pop-in-your-purse  version of the 13 moon oracle, for divination on the go or while traveling. (It is a quintessentialized version of the more comprehensive 13 Moon oracle set.)

The 13 Moon™ Oracle cards are more than just another deck. They are a portal into expanded states of consciousness through archetypal resonance. Evoking energies from the Divine Feminine Mysteries, this “oracle” invites you to find your guidance within, rather than relying solely on external prescriptions.  The 39 beautiful cards are lenses through which you can access your own Soul Essence and understand your individual part in the greater whole of the Cosmos.

“If my house were burning down and I only had a chance to run back and get one thing, it would be my 13 Moon Oracle!”  Shara English

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