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Product Description

In all aspects of our lives, The Sanctuary of the Open Heart aligns with the values of the Sacred Feminine. Business, commerce, institutions and nonprofit organizations play a critical role in today’s society. The Sanctuary of the Open Heart is devoted to offering support and guidance to all businesses and organizations to align their business model and work with the ways of the Divine Feminine. Please make an appointment at to speak with Ariel personally about this opportunity!

Amethyst level: $300/annually
Emerald level: $600/annually
Diamond level: $900/annually
Blue Pearl level: lifetime $1,300 (for this membership, please use the button below for one-time payment)

“Becoming an aligned business sponsor over the years, has been a privilege because, as a business owner, I want to be a leader for spiritually sound business practices, bringing humanity closer to reaching its true potential.  It also encourages my favorite kind of customers to find me — the magical kind!”
~ Vyana Reynolds, Mermaid Dreams Bed and Breakfast

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Amethyst level: $300 Annually, Emerald level: $600 Annually, Diamond level: $900 Annually, $1,300