Conversation Sparkers: Koan Edition


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Product Description

Stumped for easy, soulful and meaningful ways to connect with others? Tired of surface social chitchat, boring and repetitive conversational fare leading nowhere inspiring? Want to know how you can create a magical encounter with a stranger? Then perhaps you want to take your consciousness out for a supremely delicious and decidedly unique “meal”!

These cards represent a free Consciousness Upgrade! Multi-referential, holographic, non-linear and provocative questions that re-tune your brain into fluidly processing information in a more wholistic, holographic, dolphin-like way, just by playing with this Consciousness Koan deck. These questions will spark magical conversations that will pique, inspire, delight, perplex, illuminate, awaken but mostly STRETCH your consciousness with holographic-mind-tweakers and consciousness koans* that will surely titillate the most gourmet awareness tastes of new and old playmates!!