Conversation Sparkers!


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Product Description

Connect the dots between you and others with these fun, provocative and intimacy producing Conversation Sparker cards! Are you getting tired of surface social chitchat? Want to know how you can create a magical encounter with someone? When was the last time you were actually inspired by a conversation you had?

Using this deck creates a delightful opportunity to upgrade and bring magic to your conversational experience with new and old friends. This portable and easy to use deck creates connection by opening up inspiring springboards and meaningful possibilities in the form of questions to spark conversations, that you might never have thought of outside the box of predictable culturally conditioned responses. These cards are an enchantment potent to spark magical encounters!

It has been my great pleasure to use the “Conversation Sparkers” with friends and family all around the globe! From New York to New Zealand, I have shared these remarkable cards with people of all ages, and every single time, the results have been extraordinary! This deck is the perfect tool for cutting through the chatter of human interaction and getting to the sweet and tender heart of things. And it’s a game where every player wins! Hooray!!!  Elzbeth Gould