In-Depth Advanced Course: Feminine Alchemy



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Advanced In-Depth Course: Feminine Alchemy from Sanctuary of the Open Heart on Vimeo.

This course is offered through Ariel Spilsbury in a 7 part audio series. *Ariel’s personal favorite course!

Alchemy is most simply defined as the raising of vibration. In order to do that, it looks at how to transmute shadow (unconscious material that keeps us reacting like hampsters running on a wheel.) Because of the nature of alchemy, it can accurately be called the fast track of conscious evolution. When you combine these two view points: The Divine Feminine and Alchemy, stunning revelations and insights become available to your consciousness. That is the opportunity that is being proffered with this in depth training in Feminine Alchemy. This course is not a didactic, intellectual investigation. It is rather, an experiential dive into direct frequency transmissions from the Divine Feminine, held in a transmutational alchemical matrix.

In this 7-part audio series with supporting materials and deepening exercises, we will dive deeply into…

Feminine Alchemy 1: Entering the Womb of Silence
Feminine Alchemy 2: Raising your Vibration through Alchemy and Archetypes
Feminine Alchemy 3: Mining for the Gold of Consciousness in the Shadow
Feminine Alchemy 4: Harnessing Holograms, Fractals and Synchronicity
Feminine Alchemy 5: Reclaiming Our Relationship with the Moon as Creational Compass
Feminine Alchemy 6: Activating the Heroine’s Journey in Your Life
Feminine Alchemy 7: Liberation from Grey Predictability through Humor and the Fool

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“The experience of creating an alchemical container and using it to dissolve shadow and reactive issues has been very powerful. Using my experience from this course, I am moving beyond problems I’ve struggled with my whole life, especially emotional reactivity! I gained more insight into myself . I had a greatly increased understanding of this realm and its connection to the spiritual world beyond it. I learned new tools to access the spiritual world and my power. Thank you for this wonderful growth experience.”