Gaia’s New Dreamcoat


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Product Description

The story of Gaia’s New DreamCoat unfolds as the wise shepherds of the Earth in the Devic and Faerie Realms, offer to assist us in learning how to transform Earth and ourselves. It inspires us to ask ourselves what will happen if we don’t act in a timely way to support Gaia’s greening. The activation of the Light Loom weaving that is being made by the various characters from the subtle realms, who come to the Fluff’nwish Faerie Godmother Cottage, must be complete and activated before Gaia can no longer sustain human life. Is there a more compelling discovery to be made right now on Earth?

It is simply time to tune in and listen to the amazing wisdom as each of these caretakers of the natural world come to life through the characters of this story!


  • 25 adventures in consciousness with 25 unique story characters from the Fae Realms!
  • 25 color plates of sumptuous watercolor art by OCEANNA (
  • 25 Audio Transmissions of Ariel’s personal narration of your Faerie Godmother and varied guest artists sharing the stories and wisdom of all 25 characters!