Luminous Cocoon CD: A Journey to the Crystal Singers Temple



Product Description

Crystal singing is a “star” technology which is a means of accessing a broader spectrum of frequencies and octaves of awareness and thus the inherent healing and wholing. Ariel is a sound priestess and crystal singer who uses that technology to offer alignment and awareness, much the way a magnet and iron filings work synergistically, aligning to a particular harmonic of information or awareness.

Transformative sounds from the fifth dimensional Crystal Singers Temple is now available on CD.

It was 1998 and I was living in the density of the Midwest feeling the call of my soul to expand. I was given the gift of the C.D. “Luminous Cocoon” not knowing that I was being given one of the most soul activating transmissions of my life. I had never heard sounds like this and had no reference point to why I would choose to listen to something that you might say is not easy listening. I listened to this C.D. every day for over a year as a meditation. My life changed in radical ways, I was transformed from the caterpillar into the butterfly. This C.D. was a calling card from my soul that has taken me on an amazing journey connecting me to Ariel and the 13 Moon lineage that continues to guide me. If you are called into Emergence the C.D. Luminous Cocoon is a tool that will serve you powerfully! Sarah Uma Priestess/Focalizer of the 13 Moon Mystery School.

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