The Inner Marriage


This is a guidebook which details the work of how to balance the male and female aspects that live within each one of us. It focuses on the re-balancing which is pre-requisite to entering into the state of alchemical union called androgeny, (which is being balanced in both aspects).

There is a guided visualization offered to access your inner male (animus) and your female (anima) parts of Self. Included is a format for a mythic enactment of your Inner Marriage. Also included are several prototypes for unique “outer marriage” ceremonies.

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Product Description

“If you are called to shift your life radically, get this transformational tool!“Heiros Gamos: The Sacred Marriage Within, Guidebook for How to Marry Your Inner Polarity.” by Ariel Spilsbury

Ariel shared this Guide with me many years ago at a time of tremendous transition, after the ending of yet another unhealthy relationship. I am now consciously choosing to stay in a committed relationship with the Beloved Within and to heal all the fractured wounded parts of both the masculine and feminine within me. This alchemical journey of the Inner Marriage continues to inspire me and has become one of my offerings in the world. It is my belief that until we clear this separation within, all the ways we project and blame the other, all the ways we disown these unhealed wounded parts, we will continue to see a world on the brink of destruction that holds this holographic projection.”

– With infinite gratitude, Sarah Uma Ordained Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School