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The Sanctuary of the Open Heart exists to serve the One Heart and raise the vibration of Love in every being and throughout our planet. Our dedication is to co-create a global spiritual community that is rooted in the values of the Sacred Feminine. Our community is fed and sustained by members of our global spiritual community and individuals who donate financially to sustain and support our mission.

As a 501(c)(3), The Sanctuary of the Open Heart operates as a spiritual community; understood as a non-profit. When you join our community as a member or offer a gift/donation, you are making a tax deductible donation.

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When your heart passionately supports the mission of opening the heart of humanity, there is an alchemical response that raises the vibration of the whole planet, such that we all can shift into a higher realization of Love. This is intention is why The Sanctuary of the Open Heart exists.  If your heart speaks to you of connection and oneness, The Sanctuary is aligned. If your wisdom knows the truth that love is the only true power, then The Sanctuary shares your truth. If it is your desire to realize love without condition into the hearts of all beings on the planet, healing the appearance of brokenness in support of our Mother, then The Sanctuary shares your intentions. Your financial support allows for these intentions and desires to emerge and shift the planet to Love!


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In all aspects of our lives, The Sanctuary of the Open Heart seeks to be in integrity with the values of the Sacred Feminine. Business, commerce, institutions and nonprofit organizations play a critical role in today’s society.

The Sanctuary of the Open Heart desires to support the visibility and good will of businesses that are aligned with the Sanctuary’s vision and mission. In addition to being a Sanctuary member, businesses may become an Aligned Business Sponsor by donating the following annually:

Amethyst level: $300
Emerald level: $600
Diamond level: $900
Blue Pearl level: $1,300

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