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We are excited to share Ariel’s Vision of what inspired this Temple. Enjoy!

Detailed Written Walkthrough

Ariel’s vision is crystal clear, and there are many grand and important details about the various chambers and temple facilities. Read on for a detailed walkthrough to help clarify key specifics regarding the temple vision.

ENTERING The Sanctuary of the Open Heart Grounds:

There are two upright spirals, one inward turning, one outward turning, based on golden mean proportions that one walks through to enter the grounds. One side has the words embedded in it: “Love is the single source of freedom!” On the other spiral it has “Love is the only reality. Enter in!” There is an archway above, on the other side of the two spirals which says:

“It Is All Within You!”
On a plaque by a huge statue of the Goddess by the entrance (that you can literally crawl into the

arms of to meditate and be held by):
“I who am the beauty of the green Earth, the white moon among the stars
and the Mystery on the waters,
Call upon your soul to rise and come unto me,
For from me all things proceed and unto me they shall return,
Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices,
for behold all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.
Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, reverence and mirth within you, and you who seek to know me, know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not,
if you know not the Mystery;
For if that which you seek, you find not within yourself,
You will never find it from without,
For behold, I have been with you from the beginning and am
That which is attained at the end of all desire.” A Celtic invocation

Great Mother Birthing Center/Moon Rites

Orientation West. Cosmic Waters. Frequency of Burgundy. Birthing Chambers, Moon Time Chambers

Above the entrance to this chamber is the following: “ I Surrender. I Receive.”

This space functions as a birthing center for natural births. It is also a resting/visioning sanctuary area for women, celebrating and deepening as souls together as they are having their moons. This is a silk draped area of silent meditation and inner listening. The basic geometric is a golden mean spiral on the floor.

There are symbols on the walls in this chamber, for contemplation and visioning during a woman’s most sensitive time of the lunar month. This is a pillowed, round, soft room, in a deep burgundy color frequency. It has a tea service area with foot bathing available. For those mooning, the Anointing chamber next door is available for massage and anointing services.

Here we reclaim the sacred Rites of Moon Blood and all the life long rites associated with this process of being a woman.

Goddess of Compassion Light Council Chamber

Orientation West Water. Frequency of violet. Honoring Light Council Hall

Above the entrance to this chamber is the following: “I am a being of Violet fire. I am the purity of Divine desire.”

Here you will find a large copper fire brazier (eternal flame) in a pool of water surrounded by a Light Council table made of glass that is built to swing back to open the room when necessary to form two half moons on the side of the room. This is an amethyst chamber, with lighted amethyst and rose quartz tiled, Sri Yantra Geometry floor. There are Mantra, Mudra and Yantra depictions on the outside walls of the room.

The 13 geometries for the 13 aspects of the Divine Feminine can be found here, designed to receive light and to add motion to the geometry so that the geometries “come alive” to reveal their Mysteries directly.

Here we reclaim the Rites of Forgiveness and Unconditional Love at the central flame brazier.

Priestess Bathing Chambers, Water Rites & Blue Lotus Anointing Rooms

Orientation West Water. Frequency of Blue. Honoring Water, Stillness.

Above the entrance to this area are the following words: “Enter empty into the temple of I am Not”

There is a moon shaped fountain waterfall on the outside of the windowed area. There are lustrums (fonts) for purifying self, at the entrance. If one touches the fonts of water to ready oneself to enter sanctified space, the door opens. (There is an embedded quote on or near the fonts: “To truly enter the temple, empty. Leave time and fear here.”)

The center of this open air area is a covered copula surrounded by 12 Greek pillars, which is surrounded by lotus ponds and gardens. It has a 7-pointed star mosaic on the floor and movable crescent moon “couches” to provide comfortable seating. There is a luxurious ceremonial bathing chamber with lapis baths, ferns etc.

Off the bathing area is a steam room, shower, robing and disrobing area, and lineage capes area. Smaller private bathing areas are also off the main area. The Egyptian Blue Lotus anointing rooms are found here.

In front of each anointing room, there is an altar alcove, Blessing Water Bowl for entrance, soft silks over tables and a sound system in each room. This whole chamber is used for Reclaiming the Rites of Water, Anointing and Sacred Bathing as spiritual cleansing, purification and renewal.

There is a flotation tank with sound system for meditation. There is an adjoining walkway to the sleeping quarters to enter priest/ess over night meditation rooms and there is an underground passageway leading to the Abaton Dream Chamber and finally to a crystal inner sanctum Oracle/Seer chamber beneath the Crystal Sound Chamber.

Solar Cross Meditation Room

Above the entry are the words: “Equanimity increases the velocity of light” —Nassim Haremin The southwest facing Solar Cross Meditation Room lets the light in at sunset.

A thousand points of light stream through the eight-foot solar cross geometry in the meditation mandala, which is formed with tiny holes set in the wall. This chamber is there for anyone coming to the Sanctuary to sit in meditation before they enter whichever chamber they are participating in.

Creator/Destroyer Purification Chamber

Orientation South Fire. Frequency of Red White Black. Honoring Purification. Renewal. Renascence.

Above the door are the words: “Illumined mind sees, but does not think, knows, but does not judge.” Or: “Liberation is a unified perception of reality.”

There is a stained glass entry door with “squaring the circle” geometry. This is the area for reclaiming Rites of Purification. Sauna, massage, herbal wraps, mud packs, Ayurveda treatments, salt/ honey scrubs etc. In essence, this is the conscious “spa” area on the temple grounds.

Lady of Communion Wedding Chamber/Inner Marriage

Orientation South Fire. Frequency of Green. Honoring Union, Renewal of vows.

A sacred circle of 13 trees is thing upon obtaining the land! is the fountain of renewal to state of Divine innocence, Above the entrance door are the words: “What serves one, serves all.” —from the Faerie Code of Communion

There is an emerald and gold stained glass entry thru a large cube, that when a being stands in the center, the space fills with gold projections of the inner geometries within a cube, the tetractys, etc. This is the area of the Gold and Green enactment of the Heiros Gamos: Inner Marriage and Wedding Chamber. There is an indoor ivy bower set to receive gold light at sunset, with Artemis, Gaia and the
Green Man subtlety embedded as paintings in the walls. Here, there are reclaimed Rites of Union and Renewal of vows. This is a space to reclaim the Green Man/ Pan/Artemis/Divine Child archetypes!
planted outside this chamber first In the center of the circle of trees symbolically reclaim our innate trust and transparency.

Faerie Garden

In this area is found a Fairy Garden that is dedicated to honoring the Devic and Faerie Realms.

Everything is scaled down to faerie size and is a highly magical and interactive playground for fairy magic to flourish. Live human faerie archetypes are often in attendance here, to play, tell stories and create magic with those coming to enjoy this Sacred Garden.

Muse Dying Laughing Room with Art Creation Stations

Orientation Fire South. Frequency of Turquoise. Honoring Levity and Creativity.

Above the entry door to this area are the words: “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.” —Teilhard de Chardin

Above the 3 Creation Stations are the words: “The indelible stamp of your soul is unique and can only be expressed by you!” “The power of poetry, dance, art, music is the same power as that which animates celestial phenomena such as lightening, auroras and rainbows.” “Let your creativity be the constant penetration of the Divine into form.”

The entrance has Unicorn Guardians (either paintings or life sized statues). The shape of the space is based on “the eye of the dragon,” tetrahedronal geometry. The Muse Dying Laughing Room is run by Muses, Coyotes and Heyokas. Those who enter here will find that everyone’s ego/mind is fair game for
dissolution! This is also a Divine Child Play room filled with wonders for conscious play. A strong intention of this area is to have a sacred space to share our spiritual creativity and the joyful creations of our inner Muses, in song, dance, art, poetry, storytelling etc. Adjacent to this area are large art rooms (Creation Stations) with all mediums available such as pottery, paints etc. Here we reclaim ourselves as Divine Child Creators.

Primal Goddess Elemental Freedom Immersion

Orientation SOUTH Fire. Frequency of Flame: Orange/red/yellow. Honoring Wildness. Freedom.

Entry to this outdoor area is through a free standing five descending triangular sculpture with the words above it: “ I am Earth, enter the Sacred Body of the Goddess.”

This entrance leads to an underground low crawling tunnel that first comes to an underground cave-like space for her ceremonies. This space leads out to a fire pit, sweat lodge, and medicine wheel, where we reclaim our bodies and our freedom as wild wo/men.

Here we reclaim Rites of Abandon/ Freedom, dancing with the flames, elemental initiation, Extasis Divinitus, fearlessness, no boundaries, Divine Union with the elements and all life.

Initiatory Chamber

Orientation East Air. Frequency of Purple. Honoring Initiation. Truth.

Above the entryway to this chamber are the words: “What part of your power has not yet been freed into love?” OR “Initiation raises your capacity to contain light.”

The entry to the Initiator’s chamber is a purple stained glass door with a moving puzzle piece oracle to determine one’s readiness to enter this chamber of initiation. The floor has a purple

stained glass octahedron embedded in it. This is an initiatory area that trains non-linear, non-causal, holographic awareness.

At its center is a Glass Bead Game table for playing high resonance consciousness games. There are sensational sound, light, color frequency capabilities in this space. Stereograms are embedded in the walls, also mirrors that cover cupboards full of inspirational, “holographically relevant to the moment” symbols, metaphors and art.

Here we reclaim the Rite of Second Birth: Initiation and Truth speaking. (There are also five chambers of Initiation in the central dome.)

Wise Woman Crazy Wisdom Chamber & Herbal Apothecary

Orientation North Earth. Frequency of Black and White. Honoring Wisdom. Ego Dissolution. Attunement.

Above the entry door to this area are the words: “Wisdom cannot be sought, taught, thought or bought, because wisdom is not what you think.” OR “Wisdom has stopped grasping and seeking and simply opened to receive what is.” —The Wise Woman

On the outside of this chamber, there is an herbal apothecary, where both medicinal and ceremonial herbs and alchemical elixirs are available. There is a spinable triple triangle that opens the entry door. Meditation is required here, until one is in an expanded enough state of vision to receive what is being offered.

Here we reclaim the Rites of Ego Dissolution, Attunement and Inner Knowing. On the front of the Crazy Wisdom Chamber there is a warning sign that lets initiates know that this is an initiation chamber run by Crones who don’t care whatsoever about anyone’s ego/mind. They display merciless compassion as Crazy Wisdom Players that all leads to the advanced players eventually being taken into the initiation of the Dying Laughing Room!

Here we are trained in non-causal, non-linear reality coordinates, and “serious” questions are met with non-sequetors and a Cheshire cat’s grin. And since nothing is as it seems, “reality” is seen as it actually is, as an playful invention of the mind!

Weaver Abaton Dream & Void Meditation Chamber

Orientation North Earth. Frequency of Magenta. Honoring Lucid Dreaming and Dream Incubation. Vision.

Words above the entry door of this chamber: “We are the weavers, we are the woven ones, we are the dreamers, we are the dream.”

Entry is an eight-spoked wheel that spins to enter, offering an oracle while doing so. Built into the earth at the center of this area is a silent meditation chamber/shrine to access Stillness/Emptiness, to float in the Void, developing stillness where one is in a referenceless dark. (There is

also an underground kiva beneath the triquetra on the land that is used for this purpose.)

In this chamber we reclaim the Rite of Lucid Dreaming and Dream Incubation and Entering the Void of the Nada. There are crop circle geometrics and other potent dream symbols on the walls. There are three types of dream chambers:

  1. There are outside “holkas,” clay egg-like chambers in which to dream.
  2. There is a raised dais off the ground with skylights to the night sky, open to sky or tree houses for dream incubation in the frequency and wisdom of the trees.
  3. There is the Dream Abaton which is an underground dreaming chamber monitored by dream priest/esses for underworld retrieval and wholing work.

There is an outdoor labyrinth (only if an underground water source is available for the appropriate magnetics to support its placement.)

Crystal Sound Chamber

Above the entry door of this chamber are the words: “Evolution is sound directed travel through the octaves of consciousness. Sound and light represent the spectral comprehension of the Creator.”

Next to the Weaver area is a resonantly tuned sound chamber created with light generated tube torus sacred geometry and there are crystals of all kinds. Upon entrance to this chamber, there are sound, light and walls that are responding to each person’s unique frequency pattern.

The crystals are consciously placed to create an electro- magnetic field with the capability of “lighting up” various configurations of crystals for specific purposes and intentions. This chamber functions as a holographic sound resonating chamber for crystal singing and conscious sound journeys.

Crystal singing is offered here for recalibration, dimensional journeying and vibrational wholing. In this chamber, one can be suspended on a bed of upward moving air to experience weightlessness. Colored light on the ceiling looks like it is being put through dry ice. This is accomplished with a plasma chamber above, that light dances within. There is a chamber below the ground level of this dome, which is a zone of magnified power due to the crystals and the resonance opening to Divine interface.

This is a Priest/ess inner sanctum Oracle/Seer sanctuary, with a resplendent crystal-cave-like setting. This area can only be accessed through an underground passageway that originates in the Priest/ess dome (and this also has an outlet door into the Dream Abaton as well).

Queen of Death Rainbow Body & Hospice Transition Chamber

Orientation North Earth. Frequency of Black. Honoring Death. Release. Transition.

Above the entrance to this chamber are the words: “Trust. Let Go. Set sail. Set Sail. One thing becomes another in the Mother, in the Mother.” OR “Release. Let Go. Surrender. Forgive.”

One walks through a five-pointed star geometry to enter. A yew tree is planted in this area early on in the project’s development. Here is found the Rainbow Body Room that is a chamber for celebrating the lives and passage of those who are or have transitioned. There is a 7 Headed Cobra statue in this room. Here work is done with retuning the DNA to develop a strong exit strategy for dying consciously.

There is a virtual reality simulation chamber for development of the Ka body and teaching the Tibetan transition techniques for dying consciously. And proving those wrong who say that the Queen of Death doesn’t have a sense of humor, in this simulation area there is also a place to learn to ride the Bardo rapids simulating the space we encounter right after death, giving beings a first hand experience of what it feels like to be pure awareness and conversely what happens when one adds fear to that equation.

This experience will show the tunnels leading to rebirth and what other choice trees in that maze might look like as viewed from the part of us that survives death! There is also a hospice space for supporting conscious dying, which is run by trained transition priest/esses. In this space is a place to create art for cremation vessels for people’s passage/ transition that celebrate their lives. Here we Reclaim Release, Death/Transitioning as a Sacred Rite.

Alchemical Goddess Telestrion Sound and Light Sacred Theater Dome

Orientation: Center Sipapu Point of Emergence. Frequency of the Rainbow. Element Aether. Honoring Emptiness. Transmutation.

At one of the entrances to this dome are the words:

“Each of you is a star. I am above you. I am below you. I am the Goddess within you. Receive me. My ecstasy is your ecstasy. My joy is your joy. I have come to gather you into my fold, for you have come to bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of all beings. For I have been divided for the sake of ultimate reunion. And the sign of my victory on this plane shall be ecstasy. Feel your wings. Arouse the coiled splendor within you. Come home unto me. Come home to the Goddess within you.” —inscription on an Egyptian temple wall

This is the central energy generator of the Temple ground. It is the home for the Sacred Theater/ Sound and Light chamber which represents a mythic gateway to different stages of human evolution. This main space has four shrine alcoves in the four directions honoring those gateways. It is for use with larger community, ceremonial processes, initiation, seasonal celebrations and Sacred Theater. It holds about 50-100 beings (depending on the size of the land).

The Sri Yantra of 9 triangles in the center floor mosaic is made with rosequartz and amethyst tiles that are lit from beneath, with a sacred fire brazier above, which is kept lit as the eternal flame of Divine Love. This dome could open to the night sky, and is acoustically, resonantly alive, with sensational sound, light and color capabilities. Within this chamber is enacted the Rite of alchemical Transmutation with Sacred Theater and Sound and Light technologies.

The focus of this dome is Ecstatic Emergence, which is dedicated to having direct mystical experiences embodying the truth that unconditional love and ecstatic process re-tunes our DNA to a higher harmonic of being and consciousness! This is a space that celebrates ecstasy in forms such as song, dance, poetry, storytelling, art, shared celebration etc. The Alchemical face of the Goddess is also marked by a point on the land with a triquetra which is built into the earth, where lifting the lid reveals an underground sound/ meditation kiva, for entering consciously into the Sipapu, Axis Mundi, Omphalos, the Void leading to the Nada.