Tools for the Open Heart

This is where the page content will go. It is a great place to put page content, because it is a blank space which otherwise would end up looking pretty, well…empty. As it turns out, this will be the first content ever to go on this particular page in this particular spot.

The page is pretty excited about that! It is a little nervous as well, as it is young and new to the Internet, and it worries it might not be up for handling this important assignment. Not to worry, the page has been reassured time after time that it is up for the task.

But even though the page is up for the task, it needs your help to make it friendly for the online world. As I mentioned, it is young, so it is best to break big pieces of content into bite-sized chunks, like you would for a baby. Long paragraphs can be overwhelming for everyone, not just shiny new webpages.

This adorable little page doesn’t understand big words very well either, so let’s keep our language simple and clear. The internet is filled with people and pages of different education levels, disabilities, and learning styles. So it is a good idea to keep it simple, Sanctuary!