Transmission: Amber Dreamer

Amber Dreamer

Through Ariel Spilsbury

What priceless mysteries you carry
in your purple core of light.
we are rich beyond reckoning
in your presence,
like the sensuous smell of amber so opulent
you can palpably feel the sound of Persia on your skin..
beckoning to the Goddess’ pillowed seraglio
Persian Pleadiean Pharaonic
wedded by the Great Mystery
who always officiates
when you think you have it figured out
 with the mind
but the real question is:
will you remove the husk
to reveal the sacred golden seeds
of your galactic roots?
parented by Higher Mind,
pure Awareness
speaking only with the present breath
that erases the path in front and behind it
like a sneeze
in its innocent awareness of
divine glory
as it reveals itself through every
ecstatic explosion
held in the expansion into divine spaciousness
mystic melding molecules
of matter
merging as Mother’s mystery
in you
the seeking, striving mind
is occluded from this simple truth
by timing
for only “now” reveals
a vision of the whole
beyond grasping
for that which you seek,
beyond the lens named power
that bends perception into an infinity symbol
racing like the unresolved fourth in a chord
begging completion
like stampeding elephants
momentarily losing awareness
in the orgy of power beneath their feet
Athena and Kali Ma
only two polarity routings of power
wisdom and passion,
in truth an ourabourous
shakti snake eating its own tail
since the only animating power there is,
 is Love,
Staff priestess of Vajrayogini,
why do you hide behind false masks
pretending to “know”?
who inside you
still harbors the unresolved anger
of ruptured primal trust
that sought safety
in the sanctuary of the mind?
who inside you
still arranges layers of self judgment and doubt
in avoidance
of the realization that you are
 where you are seeking to go
where the heart with wings is delicately aflutter and
constantly singing praises to the blissful edibility of meringue hearts
that sensuously melt on your tongue like a snowflake’s
momentary solo performance center stage
in the divine cosmic circus show
divine children simply know.
now seeing with the ripeness of amber’s
golden allowance
redolent with spacious embrace
being permanently drunk on Love,
through the continually opening heart
more and more of the Divine Mother’s
continuous ecstatic ignition into our hearts.
Did you think that you had experienced a fully opened heart
as yet on your journey?
breath deeper, open wider,
look with more committed emptiness,
and orchid vulnerability
into the eyes of the Beloved in all things.
evolution is unending
there is always more ecstasy
in the Mother
who sits in the crystal lotus in your heart
trying on different masks and names
until you are willing to risk flinging your arms
 open wide to the Mystery
knowing nothing
holding back nothing
fully welcoming Her into
full embodiment in you
There is no limitation in that choice
She is also the apparently cruel crone
 who lovingly rips up the mind maps
that detour your real destination
in the final alignment
 of the sacred crystal circle of awakening
within you scintillatingly
alive with light,
 as you dance your dance of power
in self-love.
You are, after all, a conscious dreamer.
Dream that dream awake!
Shakti snake priest/ess,
tend the brazier of the orange flame within you
proffering hot coals of surrender
that incinerate the mistaken fear of vulnerability
in deepening intimacy with the Divine Self
that honors equally the eagle’s sweeping overview
and wolf’s primal passion for freedom,
pack edgewalker
celebrate the unending nature of
deepening revelation in the Goddess,
 through you.
Dancer in a robe of stars,
throwing off awakening sparks of divine mana,
dancing galaxies into being,
fill us with Kibriya,
the divine glory
that overflows any limiting container,
 shattering the husk
revealing the light in each thing
Fill us with the simplicity of your divine presence
nimbus of amethyst light
translucent to the divine mystery
unfolding through you
“As a rose can only be actually seen and smelled
by someone who is hopelessly in love with it”..*
You, who desires to serve the awakening of the One,
what greater gift is there?  *Rumi