Transmission: Are You Ready to Take the Thank You Challenge?

Are You Ready to Take the Thank You Challenge?

(Dedicated to Angie Linden Fae)

(This whole consciousness investigation began with my seeming inability to sit and do nothing. Hence the soul challenge to do just that to get to the bottom of why that appears to be so.)
Are You Ready to Take the Thank You Challenge?
And not as wasp-paper-thin-words that have no weight or volume
like a repetitive, lack-luster prayer over food
that has lost all feeling and thus meaning,
rather as joyously gravid as a pregnant fish, kind of Thank You..
Thank You
as ecstatically embodied, fleshy, real
energetically surging as a throbbing pulse
gratefully shouting Thank You throughout the body..
as a messenger of prolepsis..
seeing, feeling a thing as already done..
no need, even for prayer then..
just feeling the contented glow of a smile of knowing growing
spreading the word to every cell that
the gift has already been gloriously given and received!
So are you ready to take the Thank You challenge?
To see how long can you go without moving out of
a continuous feeling of gratitude
in your thoughts, in your body, in your feelings,
in your expression
like the drone sound of a continuous OM?
3 minutes? 3 hours? 3 days?
other thoughts will inevitably come in to interrupt the continuously
flowing deep-well-water-mantra of Thank You,
but as soon as you are able to,
consider going back to chanting the mantra Thank You,
silently or outloud
like bringing full awareness in gratitude, to your heartbeat,
that usually runs in the background unappreciated .
Now, why do all this?
Well silly,
to transform your experience of life from pain into ecstatic delight..
For example, when you feel pain….rather than cursing it,
consider accepting What Is! Embrace, expansion, breathing into it
sending the vibration of the continuous Thank You mantra into it
for as long as you can stay focused
just like on the way to Divine Ignition,
because Thank you just happens to assist in alchemically dissolving
apparent distortions due to its raised frequency
And pain is only a messenger anyway..
How would you feel if you were rebuffed and pushed away
every time you tried to deliver a message in the world?
Or when showering
chant, actually feeling the vibration of each Thank You
as it ecstatically spreads out from your voice and chest
to engulf the whole body in waves of the joy that it’s made up of….
and after that Thank you,
you may want to add for extra oomph..
“Send more of this..”
“Thank you, send more of this..”
as the Universe wants to give us more of what we actually want..
Consider gratitude even as a response to frustration or depression..
now there’s an outcome shifter,
if nothing more than at the level of impact
on the coherency of the geometries of your body’s colloidal field
and the health of the waters you are made up of..
Or imagine when you hear yourself complaining about something
to begin chanting Thank You instead..
Now for the piece de resistance, imagine this:
Seventy some odd year old me
instructed by guidance somewhere along the line in this investigation,
to do what it called Thank You yoga.. and more specifically
to get down on my hands and knees
to have a felt sense of this gratitude thing…
so, being a trained listener, i creak into that position..
so here i am on my hands and knees
now instructed to do “down dog” pose
which made me begin to laugh uncontrollably
as the visual of
“doggie style” with the divine came to mind..
moaning Thank You in between fits of laughter
whereupon,  a completely felt sense of gratitude did overtake me
like an overwhelming tsunami wave..
or a teenager on his way to his first date..
How long do you think you would need to chant Thank You
before miracles were laughably inevitable?
Which eventually leads to having to ask the question
“What do you want in the way of miracles?”
As you chant Thank You continuously,
it becomes ridiculously obvious, glaringly apparent
that you already have whatever it is
you are apparently praying for!
Stop and genuinely take that in for a moment.
The trick actually is that
that knowing cannot be faked like an orgasm,
you have to intrasmutably KNOW you “have it already”
not as a thought, but rather
as a felt experience in your body
as a deliciously embodied knowing..
So if you have any wobbles in that department
create an image of that felt sense of knowing that
your prayer is already granted..
in your True Imagination in the third eye..
Go ahead do it….
create a fractally self-similar image of your desire..
that’s the way the elementals operate to grant wishes..
and they are masters of creation,
and my experience is that, contrary to some press,
there is nothing wrong with desire
as desires actually arise from your soul self,
you may just not be consciously aware of their origins as yet..
desires being distinctly different from “wants” and “needs”
which arise from the body, thoughts and emotions..*
If you need further inducement to take the
Thank You Challenge,
for real..
consider how big your Thank You is just for being able to say
“I AM.. I exist!”
Or imagine yourself accruing Frequent Flier Soul mileage points
with each Thank You spoken, moaned, eaten, laughed, felt..
or simply tune Thank you to your heart beat
so it sends the message out naturally, continuously..
or rock your hips or do Kegels with each Thank You
because the Ecstatic “Yes” that Thank You is covalently bonded to,
alchemically broadcasts across Universes and will thus
create a reality heretofore,
unimaginably fulfilling..
Thank You! Thank You! Thank you!
Will you take the Thank You challenge?

  • Thank you Forrest Landry for this Marcel Vogel like precisely crystal clear definition of desire.
    From his book The Effective Choice.