Transmission: Balance As Seen Through The Eyes of Unity

Balance As Seen Through The Eyes of Unity
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Balance …As Seen Through The Eyes of Unity.., Non-dual Awareness  
Soul …surrendering to the potent pull of the Mother’s watery, magnetic,
inward, spiral vortex descent to the center
through simply, humbly entering empty into the darkness of the cave’s mouth
While simultaneously honoring Spirit’s ascent,
in the catalytic, explosive burst of fire’s electro-outward spiral
that offers its intensely propulsive current, to dissolve all
into the singular bindi of Divine Ecstasy,
in the moment,
where the spirals intersect in
Alchemical Circulatio.. union of the rising up and coming down
Rather than seeing only particle, or wave,
Our human predicament clearly depicted in the ever reaching,
longing, hands almost touching
painted on the Sistine Chapel basilica
God, Goddess, the divine spark,
filling in the synaptic gap,
the membrane around form acting as a threshold
between the human ego and the Divine Self,
soul acting as the attractor to the Real, toward the Absolute
As a pure force, a pure intention, moving through Emptiness
As the Creator
Navigating the Creatorship of form
With holographically, gyroscopic, dynamic balance
That is arbitrated and continuously aligned
by the Universal law of synchronicity
Becoming in lucid moments,
an unmistakable, electrically felt, dynamic holo-movement
that is obviously orchestrated by the One Divine Experiencer
to unmask the absurd illusion of a self
In which case, how could there be other than balance?
And the rest, obviously only an appearance
as chaos is only that order which we are not yet able to see
or discern in physical actuality, due to its vast scope, and a complexity
that is ever moving evolution toward more information, less mass
along the way, intentionally distilling all information
to evolve the whole, into an elegant simplicity of divine symmetry
As Einstein said, “If it is true, it has symmetry, elegance, simplicity.”
Like the elegance of the geometrical map and ordering
in which the Divine is displayed in form
wherein time is designed to naturally fractilize,
branching out to offer continuity
with infinite possibilities, myriad opportunities and events
through which we can choose to create and evolve
“To say that the Universe is an illusion is not to say that it is unreal
Rather, it is to say that it is not what is seems to be,
that it is something that is constantly being made.”*
Ma… Maya…Made
And though it appears differently to the senses, there is only One.
Thus the center of the Universe is held within you,
in every particle of sand, every molecule of space in the material world
As you are the center through which the Universe threads itself,
consider deeply, what is there to balance, actually?
And as a starting point to that inquiry,
ask yourself, which “I” is looking at balance
and through how large a lens?

*quote by Wendy O’Flaherty Sanskrit scholar
With a bow of Gratitude for inspiration to Damanhur’s take on Alchemy!