Transmission: Bless Everything With Your Surrender

Bless Everything With Your Surrender
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Consider Gray.
Stop, any going-thru-the-motions.
All acts are acts of consciousness.
You’ll know when you’ve fallen asleep,
if the dance is not delightfully changing flavors, textures,
fullfilled in itself
a quiveringly alive, shooting star awake, joyfully saturated color
your favorite color
Now, for a moment… dissolve into that color…
And then make of it a slippery slide of sparkling sound
And when you are ready,
Dive In
Take a leap of faith
Bless Everything with your wholeness in Emptiness
Bless Everything with your Surrender
And as you are free falling,
Consider lovingly embracing the dry, resistant one in you,
who fears to actually trust,
to let go of control,
the mind, the gripper
who is terrified of the messy,
creative chaos of the goddess-stirred-cauldron
called Life,
who genuinely fears that to be open is to be lost
and that to be lost is to die
Bless with your passion, that illusion to its bursting,
Simply, like biting through the skin of a peach.
Bless Everything with your wholeness in Emptiness
Every word, Every fragment,
Every snarl, Every sword,
Every illusion, Every wind
the mind spins
Bless Everything
as you move from
Trust to Faith, From Faith to Surrender from Surrender to Trust
from Trust to Faith, From Faith to Surrender..
We are one….
We are
one meaningful connection
for how can the yolk not surrender
to the joy of the fireworks of the bursting egg shell
We are one.
We are
one meaningful connection.
Bless Everything Sophia of the Ain Soph Aur
fierce blue firedragon of truth
offering the mirror of Emptiness
in gardenia gentleness,
in the saffron softness that is wisdom,
light sparkling on water
delicately dancing into being
reflections of Oneness,
as all beings are liberated.
Bless everything star-strider
gracefully glide the cosmic waves on the great white mare Epona,
bearing the star-gold in your serpent entwined blood,
offering up selflessly, but no longer from sacrifice,
the overflowing joy of intimacy with the ecstatic Self
Bless Everything with the potency of your wholeness in Emptiness
Bless Everything with your Surrender
Bless everything with your lusciousness,
your sacred wetness, your juicy knowing
With the wet earthy smell of the gnosis of the body
that is the starry plasma screen of the Infinite,
fluidly creating in time/space
from whale to hummingbird vibrations
in a unified song of Ecstasy
and just for us, to innocently play in….
Bless Everything with your wholeness in Emptiness,
as a chalice of wordwyrding,
found amidst both secret caves and white marble columns,
stilling to Emptiness.. to receive
the divining soul voice of the accrued lightening, piercing dimensions, lifetimes
jagged bolts, laughingly dissolving
the inflated profligacy and the tight fisted inadequacy of holding on
The joke is,
the cisterns are always filled to over flowing with Her living waters
the fecund harvest of wheat sheaves
joyfully reaped, and by the hands of Isis herself,
overflowing in the store rooms,
for you, Beloved
so what are you waiting for?
when will you be “ready”
to be celebrated as Freedom’s Fool,
to be poured freely from the Jar of Divine Creation,
empty, free falling, holding nothing back?
If that time is now,
Then Step Through.
There is actually nothing except this freedom
Wings, wind, breath, spirit
this ecstatic soaring
Though some might call you angel,
even that is too tight a container
Bless Everything Beloved,
with your wholeness in Emptiness
Bless everything with your surrender…