Transmission: Calling All the Pieces Home

What is a Mystic Transmission?

“Calling All the Pieces Home”: A Mystic Transmission

Please take time to not just read this, but to ‘TAKE IT IN” meditatively. Genuinely this is not just another “newsletter”. And in fact, heretofore, many of the Sanctuary communications, especially around the full moon, will be transmissions rather than news!

As you should know by now, the structure of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart is simplifying and streamlining. We are re-visioning ourselves through those two lenses. (Please click here for more details) How that process looks through my personal lens is that it is my intention at this juncture of the journey, to simplify by stepping fully into my mythic role of the Mystic Scribe that so nurtures and sustains me in joy here on Earth and away from the complexity of the 3D perspective that I have tried over the years to bridge to, to make “sense” to people.. As far as what I share in any musings that I send along to you, that means less expository writing such as this, and more straight mystic transmissions from the Mystery…Suffice it to say, this all stems from the awareness that:


What is a “transmission”? It is a frequency of information that can be delivered to anyone who has prepared him or herself to be that instrument through being devoted to being empty, still and aligned with Source. Alchemically speaking, it differs from a poem, (though they can appear on the surface, to be the same thing), due to the frequency in which it was received, which gives it a “frequency signature” that can often be felt energetically by the reader and often has non-linear, holographic content that may or may not make sense to the ego/mind but can none the less catalyze energetic shifts and evolutionary insight, due to that frequency, simply through reading it.

Taking transmissions in, requires much more of YOU, the reader/experiencer. They can’t just be read with the linear mind, glanced through and skimmed over for intellectual content. To be of any real use to you spiritually, they would need to be savored, mused upon, contemplated, meditated with and responded to in some way, to involve YOU in the creative process of full reception. Otherwise, many of these transmissions would undoubtedly only sound like the musings of a Mad Woman..which I definitely am.. but mostly only as viewed from the lens of the writing/scribing making linear “sense” to the ego/mind. So what this is a call for, is for you to stretch to come to meet me, in the frequency/place that these transmissions come from in the first place: The One, Divine Source.. my Essence Self.. whatever label you want to give the origin of these transmissions. Some people will be deeply moved and illuminated, like I am, by these Divine holographic ramblings, and others who are not willing to deepen with what is being offered, will probably not be able to draw the dots together to make holographic sense of what is being offered. This is said absolutely without judgment. (As Pablo Neruda said, ” The poetry I like best, is that which I understand least.”) I have tried in the past to bridge this holographic gap with expository writing. Now I am being asked to trust that you can make the quantum leap to larger and larger lenses of consciousness. If I lose some of you on the way, I am sorry about that. I am deeply guided to make this leap myself at this time in my journey. I trust it will work itself out in the most expanded possibility for all.

Just as a context to dive into this journey of mystic transmissions, I want to share my experience of what it is to see reality through the eyes of a mystic. To perceive mystically one is called to empty, to come from stillness and adoringly riveted presence in the present moment, and from there to continue to simplify and thus expand, into a direct experience of pure awareness.. This process is, in a way, like the pupil of the eye dilating parabolically when you get your vision checked, or an altered state experience, where the aperture with which you begin to see, continues to expand, while your ability to express what you are experiencing diminishes. At first on the journey of these transmissions, I would be cowed at how I could ever put into words what my experience was. Then at some point it became clear guidance, that that very process of being a scribe of expanded states of awareness, was a primary role for me in this incarnation. Now understand that that is said with no hubris or pretention of superiority. To be a mystic scribe, requires me to be a continuously curious, bumbling Fool. And I am well aware that it is just a role that I am playing in this holographic extravaganza called the dream of human life. (If you genuinely want a deeper dive into Divine mystic transmission, the entirety of The Alchemy of Ecstasy was scribed from this expanded frequency of awareness.

In these transmissions, I will be offering, I will draw from a wellspring of hundreds of transmissions that have occurred during my lifetime, and because they emanate from the frequency of the archetypal/mythic realms, they are Timeless and so are just as relevant now as when they were scribed and in fact in some cases,  prolepsis being what it is, ( seeing a future act as already accomplished ), they are oracular regarding where we sit as a planetary collective now. I will select them based on their relevance to this now moment in our human experience on Earth. Or I will write and offer new transmissions as I am inspired by the Divine, as they come through me.
To actually receive any of these transmissions in the frequency they were intended and given, please set up a meditative environment where you are comfortable and  undistracted with phones, people, EMF devices and the energetic disturbance they create in the electro-magnetic field of reception.

That is, if you want to have a direct experience of the transmission of the actual frequency that this transmission was written from and in, you will need to be in an open, meditative state, however you get there.

 With all that said, I will offer a minimal context for receiving this particular transmission so that YOU, the receiver, can respond to it each in your own unique way. I am starting with an easy one. This transmission is called “Calling All the Pieces Home.” As an example of a way to work with this material, stop and savor simply that. See what just the title conjures in your imagination and inner knowingness. Then read on.

NOW I ask you to stop and watch this 2 minute video link to give you an energetic context to receive the frequency of these words. (If you don’t think you have time, then reading this at this time, probably won’t be useful.)

Now. I offer the transmission itself. PLEASE READ IT OUTLOUD! THIS IS AN ALCHEMICAL INSTRUCTION. Your vibration in speaking it, enriches and amplifies its frequency !  If you want to read it out loud WITH the video playing that will enhance the vibrational experience. (It will need to be looped twice for the whole transmission).  As you read, listen for and note, one phrase, word, image that “sticks to you”, calls you to go deeper, inspires you, piques you to deepen with it after you finish reading. 

(Finally, it is my intention to set up a zoom call in the near future, on full moons,  Musings of a Mad Mumbling Mystic , to deepen with you with these transmissions, to hear and interact with your creative responses, inquiries and musings about what the Divine had in mind with this transmission in your responses in insight, poetry, art, song, dance, etc.. We each see from such a discrete holographic lens, that it can be illuminating to hear and feel the different facets of perception.. If inspired, sign up for those explorative journeys on full moons.)

Calling All the Pieces Home
through Ariel Spilsbury

The Mystery is simple,
though nothing could appear further from what seems possible in the moment of fracturing,
only open hearted vulnerability calls all the pieces home…
shadow shards and mind’s endless split-offs
fracturing to Infinity
“Impossible” you say, to re-cohere a broken mirror,
lines of life times of distortion
etched on the mirror’s surface such that you can’t even make out
whose face you are looking at through the jagged lens of judgment,
darts of potential porcupine quills defending the very tender vulnerability
that would actually unknot the tangled life times of chaotic outpicturing,
that once freed,
create a dimensionally spinning galaxy within you,
made of stars winking affectionately and thus twinkling on and off..
recalled by your courageous determination to embrace the pattern that fractures,
by gathering into dandelions of Light, you hold in your hands,
that call all the apparently lost and separate pieces home,
everything that split into the wounding of reaction and judgment, hurt and shame
calling it all home to live in the Heart of Compassion for Self and all beings,
as crow and whale
are already making leylines of Light to receive your dance of freedom
inner compass navigation system now in place
always has been
your choice
to stand as Blue Isis in sharp-soft sovereignty that does not separate
in the ritual acknowledgment
that Pachamama in Her Green and Gold gown
also stands in equal power as softness, surrender and compassion within you
Blue lotus,
turtle heart, hummingbird, dragonfly wing
Eye of Horus
Blue Wisdom serpents sing
praises for this choice,
while the Falcon of Awakening mysteriously perches in your backyard
calling you to step in as the Water Bearer now,
with one foot on Earth
and one in the fathomlessly deep waters of consciousness
roots in the stars,
ivy tendrils gently holding you on Earth with loving tenacity
that you may serve by pouring unconditional love
from your holy Chalice,
serve through your gently healing touch,
compassion remembered,
purity of heart calling all the pieces home,
in all beings,
back to the Throne of the Soul’s King/Queendom
in innocence regained!
As Queen (King) of this Realm,
 claim your seat once again, fortified, renewed, balanced, soulfully empowered
at the Throne of your own Inner Temple,
while taking
The Queen’s Oath:
“As Queen (King), I claim my seat once again, fortified, renewed, balanced,
soulfully empowered
at the Throne of my own Inner Temple!