Transmission: Collective Key

Collective Key

Through Ariel Spilsbury

All hail to the reunion of heart and mind..
Evam Maya Eva Ho, Evam Maya Eva Ho
All hail to the reunion of heart and mind
And thus called to
sensuously undulate free from any remaining old skins
that appear to bind us in the smallness of a glass box
where skulls of the past can still entertain us.

Free yourself.
Tell your smallness
“There is nothing wrong.
There is nothing missing from this picture”r birds in our cultural programming
stealing our peace
through our determined focus on
what appears to be wrong or missing in this picture.
“Excuse me.
You have it all.
Everything your soul needs right now!”

One of Mother’s more quotable quotes summarized it eloquently like this:
“If you don’t have it. You don’t need it.”
Now this may sound harsh if you look at particular cases,
but viewed from the larger hologram of soul reality,
it isn’t actually harsh.
As fractals demonstrate, there is actually order in any appearance of chaos.
So why not choose to live in the peace of that soul depth knowing?
As the Maya so wisely express it:
Let there only be peace in my presence.
Xa ta zac xa ta amac
Xa ta zac Xa ta amac
Let there only be peace in my presence
Let there only be peace in my presence.
Let there only be peace in my presence.

And as a side note:
please consider refraining from praying for embarrassingly small favors
instead of going for the gold,
the gold that the alchemists were actually seeking..that is,
Liberation for all beings.
What greater treasure is there?

The trickle effect being what it is, sooner or later
we will see that anything that can be named, has no real substance.
Just remember, that whether it’s the ego viciously entranced in illusions dance of separation,
or passionately ensnared in possessing the objects of its desire
or the Yogi living austerely in a cave
both are living in a dream
Because, it is ALL A DIVINE DREAM.

So Conscious Dreamers,
perhaps you may want to try this dream on:
Xochi quetzal, voluptuously free Ecstatic and
Quetzal-coatl, Serpents of Wisdom,
Are ecstatically dancing our DNA into Divine Union
that reunites all appearances, feather and scale
Instinct and the cultivation of Cosmic Consciousness
That births twins in the Blue Pearl Chamber of the pineal gland,
Evam Maya Eva Ho
Evam Maya Eva Ho
Evam Maya Eva Ho

(The Rise of Pachamama by artist Jessica Perlstein)

All hail to the reunion of heart and mind
that hatches six Universal quetzal birds,
honoring the six primordial sensing rays
emanating from the pineal gland
restoring Organic Balance
As our Mother, Nature is honored, listened to, adored.

Hummingbirds acting as
harmonic harbingers of a new reality, a new way of being
sustained by the same Divine nectar
that now drenches the Collective Key of Peace
with the rainbow frequencies
now ecstatically merging in our center, our axis mundi
effortlessly sustaining us
in the rejoicing here and now abundance
of Divine Timelessness

Collective Key
held in Xochi-quetzal’s Witness
of a changing aeon,
and we, miraculously carried in Unity on Her back,
on the wings of a million dragonflies
through infinite gateways
into Liberation!

With rejoicing sound, as an ageless Witness,
as the unsuspecting messenger of time,
the vessel that carries filaments of Divine light-thought
across vacuous thresholds.
It’s hidden hands
turning the axis of motion
through the spiraling waves of Eternal Love

Knowing this,
to awaken the Collective Key
May there only be peace in our presence
Xa ta Zac Xa ta Amac
Xa ta Zac Xa ta Amac
Xa ta Zac Xa ta Amac
May there only be peace in our presence.
Loving scribed by Ariel