Transmission: Diamond Body Alchemist

Diamond Body Alchemist
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Though to “know” would seem like the lotus lit crown,
Malkuth …Dark Mother
is the sentient Knowing in the Void

found only through the omphalos of Surrender
offering the mysterious fruits born of not  knowing
The only safety is Love.
Fully embrace without quibbling with fear,
as there is no negotiation
in Surrender..
Surrender that has received even addiction
into the freedom of its fully opened arms
lovingly consuming small “I” lies like
 ” I am not enough. I am ashamed. I am unworthy,
I am unlovable?”
From this vantage point in the Dark Mother,
those minimizing mantras must seem rather riotiously laughable
 simply sacred food offerings for the Alchemist’s fire
absorbing such distortions as catalyzing nourishment  fueling the descending alchemical triangulation of Spirit
purpose found in inhabiting the effortless,
gentleness of the sovereign space in between all appearances
Tetrahedron of water ascending,
powerfully rising to meet Spirit from the primordial depths
of the Mother’s blood
the pure passion
the pure water..
that forms the structural latticing of the Diamond Body
leading to the Blue door,
crafted in a Love that is realized
when all duality self-implodes into
A door that you could now choose to walk through
should that be your soul’s truth..
entering with the instinctive nobility and courage of
the Lion/ess that you actually are,
as Kuan Yin.
Appearances staged brilliantly in their starring role as
with a dimensional violet flame thrower
offering a fast track of Awakening…
Compassion often requiring the appearance of lion’s growl and claw
to offer a direct experience of
Kama Loca
or to explain more literally
“Oh my Goddess, is that how that experience felt on your side of life’s mirror?”
Certainly inviting forgiveness to be offered to all forms of life, including the self
Before one can enter
Heart’s Dimensional Oasis
formed from the operant axioms of
the birthing vesicas of
Love-Joy Peace-Beauty,
snakes ecstatically entwining
in unconditional Love
in a continuously dynamic balancing act
for the Self and the Collective One
from which the chrysalis star vehicle emerges
forming the alchemically distilled golden butterfly
of Freedom
that is the intrinsic soul accomplishment
and collective Dreamfield inheritance of the
Diamond Body Alchemist
hidden in the simplicity of Surrender
that reveals the purple lightening path of Awakening
heartwood Gate Keeper of the Tree of Life
requiring the recognition of the Self in the mirror
as the Tree of Life.
Quantumly leaping Sephiroths in recognizing
Self as the Tree of Life,
Who has Her roots nestled in the stars
moon at Her feet
ecstatically radiating Love without conditions,
Kuan Yin
pouring from the Waters of Consciousness
a Love that sees the Essential nature of All Things..
and so Surrenders without reservations
to the equal opportunity employer..
we call Love
who would invite you to strongly consider choosing Divine Surrender now
“Hallaylujah I stayed on my present moment Surf Board
until it imploded inside out as an ecstatic black hole super nova expansion
Into Binah
Shining Mother
Shining Mother
Shining Mother
Limitless Light
Ain Soph Aur
Ain Soph Aur
Ain Soph Aur