Transmission: Divine Inheritance

Divine Inheritance
Through Ariel Spilsbury

What face would aliveness wear
for you to really be there…
wherever it is your mind says
is the fulfillment,
the end of the journey
rather than where you think you are now,
in some comparative analysis and systems dialysis
that distinguishes between then and now.
What veils would you remove
from your perceptual circus menagerie
that would cling to safety
at the expense of aliveness?
the panther of comparison
stalking ever watchful of its entry cues
to your movie
the one whose entry ticket was bought with
the program of separation
and by its children expectation and judgment,
mind ever churning out more and more
refined means to do surgery on duality
cutting it up like the body of Osiris
into smaller and smaller data bits
and scattering the remains into
more discreet states and containers of separation
in heart’s abandonment and alienation
the mind was only taking orders
from fear
who took her orders from contraction
who took her orders from safety
a memo sent down the line
to hide tenderness
her sweet and dulcimer vulnerability
her tendered heart, that remembered Union
when all appearances in this duality movie pointed toward
and you had to face the day
that your four year old heart really comprehended beyond a doubt
that you might never be loved or accepted here
totally for who you are
just who you are
just as you are
with the parents named Should and Must
you had to give up your real family with the sir name of Trust
instead on your curriculum card it read:
child with masquerading people who called themselves your parents
and said they loved you
as they were spanking you for your “own good.”
You knew they were doing the best they could
but still you would
run crying to hug your favorite tree
and weep for hours
as that belief took up residence in your cells
“Will I ever be enough just as I am?”
the joint committee meeting run by pain
making an instant policy decision that feelings
needed containment cages and numb was the prison guard
put on duty as a survival strategy that made sense,
and control went on as president of the board
the memo was then passed on down the line
through time
and now
the surprise inheritance is about to be announced
that will transform misperceptions minions and opinions
definitions, a new mental diet without purgatives
or yet another training to finally get it “right” and be enough
this inheritance is of divine routing
you knew there would come a time
when the ice around the lie that you are not enough
would melt
and you
and your dulcimer vulnerability would be received
in the eyes of Divine Love
embraced in the warmth of real seeing
the preciousness of the essence of your being…
dragon at the gate of the heart
breathing cold blue flames…
appearance meant to protect the sweet innocent heart
that sits tenderly cradled in its dragon’s lair
of Divine Essence

a treasure box
encrusted with many starry jewels
and remnants of Lemurian crystal seas
singing into being, dolphin frequencies
as a keeper of symbols,
keeper of the keys
holding the lamp lit with Love
for even “the least of these”
thus entrusted as a Conscious Dreamer
with dreaming awake a dream that actually remembers
in the heart of the One
all melted hearts flowing into the sun,
into the sun.. into the sun.