Transmission: East of the Sun and West of the Moon

East of the Sun and West of the Moon
for Völuspá

Through Ariel Spilsbury

As an eidetic challenge,
try in your mind’s eye to find
East of the Sun and West of the Moon.
Where is it? Where does it exist?
Where do you end up?

Perhaps in the Realm of the In-Between
of the intoxicatingly pulsing, ecstatically magnetic
green and pink ribboned color-snakes
in the northern Aurora-lighted-skies…
with the Ancestors beckoning entry
to the treasure chest of the Mystery
that only lives
East of the Sun and West of the Moon
a dimensional portal
which cannot be accessed or found with the mind
Only with the wolf-keen scent of Emptiness
and the wonder-eyes of an open heart
Having consciously reclaimed the innocence of childhood purity of heart
cleansed by daring to breath the lovingly offered ancestral fire

that dissolves the opacity and pain of the wounding of passage,
transformed into being a living conduit
for the purifying and transmuting fire of the Old Ones
The Reindeer Keepers
who, with their reindeer hoof rattles, danced around the fire,
shaking the heat and fire from the Sun
to heal and bring wholeness to the people.

Drinking the icy waters of the Moon to clarify
and bring down the clear love of the,
unadorned speaking of truth,
beyond the distortion of appearances
The Old Ones calling on the stars that sing
mysterious incantations of deliverance
from the myriad illusionary, distorted masks that separation wears

using the heart beat cadence of the reindeer skin drum
dancing joyfully around the fire’s flames,
evoking each being’s Essence Radiance
untouched by any earthly experience or painful appearance
to bring Radiance back into full, essential embodiment
to call it home.. to call it here..

Evoking, calling down the Ancestors into open palms and visionary eye,
calling the six pointed spinning starburst of prima materia
primal matter
with which to make life anew
like a freshly cooled black lava field,
all the dross burned away,
all elements now available to begin a new creation,
a new incarnation

that was birthed by a dancing star
from East of the Sun and West of the Moon
from the six directional rays of the star’s emanation
mirroring the original divine creation
in the pineal gland,
a power loom on which to create reality
in alignment with the ordered movement of the Cosmos
aurora’s reflecting that fluid attunement..
as Storytellers whisper in the sensitive ears of the Daughters of the Sky
who can hear the myths that viscerally align us with original Essence
showing us at the same time what “off track” looks like
so that we may consciously choose which story to inhabit..

stories such as the Prince trapped in an ensorcled White Bear
asking for us to trust in the Mystery,
the young maiden, not knowing his true nature
discovering too late the cost of a lack of trust of the masculine
and so having to quest long and painfully
East of the Sun and West of the Moon
for its recovery

and on the way discovering an old crone playing with a golden apple,
an old Wise Woman working with a golden carding comb
and yet another wizened Wise One spinning on a golden spinning wheel

finally discovering the quests
completion in intuiting how these gifts
can free the trapped Prince
So being wise, the maiden sits holding the pieces of the story,
in Emptiness..
and because of her willingness not to know,
rather to simply feel..

the golden apple reveals the mysterious fruit
of the release of mind’s usurped throne and tyrannical reign
the carding comb, releases the complexity of appearances,
revealing the mysterious gift of
simplifying into only seeing Essential Essence

The golden spinning wheel reveals
the continuous and abundant potential to spin the story
we choose to live in, moment by moment
as we inhabit the Mystery that only lives
East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

Lovingly scribed by Ariel