Transmission: Harmonic Wizard

Harmonic Wizard
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Born of the Eye of Ra,
through the galactic gateway of the Seven Sisters,
came this Lord of Time from the Council of Nine,
Time Bandit, Space Pirate,
a primary evolutionary impulse sent from the galactic core
to assist in the Great Awakening,
Trance breaker, Divine Fool mischief maker
Revealer ..hilariously ripping off the mask of time,
now sound, now light,
now particle, now wave
ubiquitous harbinger of the new octave
of time as receptivity, time as beingness,
harmonic wizard,
resonant capacitator, harmonist/navigator,
conduit for the divine golden octave transmission,
of awakened consciousness in the pure form of vibration,
harmonic precipitation of truth from one Realm to another,
offering a sonorous feast of vibrational remembrance,
to key the higher order, the Master Harmony.
You offer contrapuntal return to the sound sourced singularity ,
which powerfully pushes the raucous sap of self-reflective consciousness
 up the starry Tree of Life .
Stellar alchemist,
dolphinic transducer,
whose frequency of light naturally moves compromised vibration
toward the gold of solar consciousness,
you penetrate the confines of perceptual reality with flowering song
You remember summoning the elements like a playful pied piper,
to create at your beck and call,
as in the oceanic crystal sound chambers
that once, in Atlantis you materialized,
triangular prismed access to the red city of Atzlan and her lost sister Maya
through archetypal geometrical grids, star membrane patterns, cosmic wormholes,
numinous corridors of light linking latticing of dimensions.
Align to receive the mystical transmission in dreams of owl- bearing- wisdom.
Divine Fool Child,
check the starry flight plan in your pocket,
always listen to the nautilus shell of your heart,
Brothers and Sisters from the stars,
remember the simplicity of the divine plan
to lift into Love’s unified sphere
the broken and split appearances here
simply through our willingness to be harmonic nodes,
(photo from the inside of a violin)
grounding rods for the hologram of higher vibrational codes.
For now, it is time to celebrate,
Starkid “swat teams”,
dancing, laughing, singing through this pre-destined star gate,
As starry pied pipers calling all Divine Children Home