Transmission: How Will We Transit the Appearance of the 3rd Dimension?

How Will We Transit the Appearance of the 3rd Dimension?
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Terma sets the alarm to ring in your dreams in some other lifetime
for you to find the hidden treasure you set there as a lucidity flash flare:
“You are now Awake,
you are now Aware”
gloriously awake
riding the dragon currents
on the twin serpent
shushumna time tunnel
serpent ropes
leading to the vertical axis of the Cosmic World Tree
Mo Lam..
Journey, adventurers
until you reach a dazzling ring of eight stars,
Unified balance

Serpents will lead the way,
embodying the wisdom of shedding..
ego’s endless striving and eddying
to reveal the new, vulnerable, sensitive skin of
Corpus Glorificatum
Shakti radiantly revealing
the golden body
clear as a crystal
blazing like a new sun
passing between the worlds
birthed through Extasis Divinitus
into the One
breaking the quantum bonds of separation

the serpents of wisdom,
rainbow snakes with wings,
guardians at the 33 rd bardo gate
33 vertebrae of the human spine
polarity union
rationality and intuition divine
spirit and matter
east and west
man and woman
heart and head
now and then
Divine Children, take out your cosmic highlighter pens
before the 33 rd gate descends
chanting the mantra:
22, 33, 44, 88
for a simple alchemical change of state
the Philosopher’s Stone,
the “Lapidem” that Alchemists seek,
True Imagination perceiving the shimmering transparent solar gold
that everything is actually made up of
offering “heads on the ground” gratitude

for your light body, luminous cocoon,
radiantly cultivated cosmic egg traveling vehicle
carrying you through the freefalling stasis
of the Blackness of the Void
the Unknown
between the dimensions
of being born.
the Phoenix in her nest of fire
purple moon descending, red bird arising
from the sleep of the collective dark night of the soul
now revealing the solar template of a new harmonic of consciousness
within and without
whales and dolphins singing the new crystalline ley lines into the oceans,
raising the planetary grid harmonics and thus the frequency of Earth
to resonate with the Solar Logos,
galactic alignment with planetary synchrony
in Oneness.
this Divine pre-coded awakening
to remind you
that you’re naturally headed up the vertical axis
of the Cosmic Tree of Life
Mo Lam.
Floating in the inky Void
Witness the

Brilliant golden light scintillating above
No Fear.
Ignition. Impact.
Auroral implosion
in the vertical axis of the Great Mother Tree,
in the golden solar generated alchemy
activating the winged solar disk within the heart
with the cobalt/indigo ray
now restructuring pineal glands
into crystalline transmitter/ receiver sets
Send this message out on the Cosmic World Tree
that all branches and kingdoms of the Tree of Life
are equally essential to its flourishing
Send out the message from the Great Mother Tree
That for the upliftment of all life Universally
It is done. It is done. It is done.
In the name of the One!