Transmission: I Am That.. Tat Tvam Asi

I Am That.. Tat Tvam Asi
Through Ariel Spilsbury

What if the worst case scenario is
that you have to go to Green Goddess Rehab?
That is to say,
if you are electro-magnetically numbed out
with culturally embedded over amperage,
perhaps a “successful” workaholic multi-tasker,
caught and tangled in the invisible leash of text chains jangling,
getting your pavlovian fix of emails first thing
in recursive and rat like behavior,
that has mostly unconsciously amplified and infiltrated
into every interface in your programming,
where sensual enjoyment and
pleasure are even seen as perhaps being lazy or irresponsible?
Does “I’ll get to enjoying that when I finish my work.”
sound familiar?
If so,
there may be no other solution
but to send you to Green Goddess Rehab
Where the sign on the front door reads:
“Surrender to pleasure. Thou Art That. Tat Tvam Asi”
The Goddess
(“Ecstasy” art by
To alchemically merge,
To actually know Her
is to know intimately
the elements with which She creates.
Why pray to some abstract, intangible diety
when water is that?
Diety that is everything
Divine Consciousness in form…
Take a clear image of your heart’s desire into warm water
and let them make love…
allowing yourself to feel the ecstasy
of that erotic elemental interface
Blue dragon of dissolution
in the West
being the Gate Guardian in these little deaths, petite morte’s
preparatory to finally
entering the ecstasy of the Chalice of the Infinite
Hail Water
Hail Aqua
I Am That.. Tat Tvam Asi
Offer now your water-purified intent to the flames
in the intense adoration of your unwavering attention,
licked to immolation in the fires of ecstasy,
only approachable
through the Gate Guardian
identical twins of innocent trust and surrender
Best to befriend Kokopali the
Trickster Coyote
as this Gate Guardian of the South is unrelentingly passionate
because in Her Love
all that appears not to be Love will eventually be burned to ashes
Hail Fire
Hail Agni
I Am That.. Tat Tvam Asi
If you cannot get up and go sit on Her holy ground
to feel the rainbow magnetic pulse She freely offers as Divine sustenance,
find Her body in salt and lick it right now
offering your intention as a sacrament to Her..
as you taste its attention-getting sharp tang
while allowing the element of salt to free the shadow surrounding your intention
from its self-made artificial cages
through the Gate Guardian White Wolf
who delivers it to the Crone of Wisdom
in the North,
who is married to the Land
in the high magic of simply being,
She Who Frees the enslaved
simply by being faithful to Her marriage vows
Hail Earth
Hail Terra
I Am That.. Tat Tvam Asi
Breathing in Her breath, until you feel Her breathing you
into the fluid awareness leading the way
to a lived experience of the mysterious Philosopher’s Stone,
the scintillating clarity revealed in far seeing vision through eagle’s eye
empowering now your intention with the Divine mana of radial awareness,
with you as the center the Universe threads itself through,
now dispersed in simultaneity to all life on air
into this web of Oneness
Gate Guardian of Eagle in the East,
humbly greeting the
dawn fluidly, arriving so incrementally,
almost impercievably
as the kind benefactor of constant change

and liberation that sees through all fixed appearances.
Hail Air
Hail Anima
I Am That.. Tat Tvam Asi
Now that’s a different matter
Whereas water, fire, earth, air,
offer to make love with you as you desire
Aether has the appearance of a more alluring but untouchable energy
in its intangible ubiqutousness and seeming inapproachability..
Gate Guardian of the empty reed of consciousness, the axis mundi at the Center
Monad, Eye of Atum, Void, Nada
requiring fusion of all dualities to enter the consciousness of I Am.
Alchemically speaking,
how to get aether’s head out of the clouds and into your intention
is the challenge of this sensuous elemental interface,
which, as a hint to actually merging with this energy,
it’s a dead end to go
searching for truth in abstractions,
no matter how brilliantly Platonian, sui generis,
or monk in his cell transcribing heresy,
when elemental truth is actually the tears shed peeling onions..
direct experience
ecstatic revelation
Hail Aether
Hail Aura
I Am That.. Tat Tvam Asi
So tell me now,
after taking this transmission from the Goddess fully in,
if there is a genuine need for you to go to Green Goddess Rehab,
on rare ceremonial occasions,
to have a more sacred, sacramental and herbally revelatory,
direct experience of these elemental mysteries,
will you give yourself that?