Transmission: I Offer You Second Birth

I Offer You Second Birth

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Through Ariel Spilsbury

muddy depths, white lotus
as you are now in these contractions of Second Birth
feel gratitude not as a concept
rather a boisterously singing ecstasy in your cells..
serpent current of electric gold fused with the still saturation of cobra black
coursing through your energy bodies as after physical union
union that is a paean
of joyous gratitude
for the awesome simplicity of
the choice for Union
bloomed lotuses proclaiming the Oneness of all life
surrendered to the One Heart
melting like spring snow in the sun’s fiercely tender caress..
dissolving as naturally as a soul stone thrown gently into the heat of the Goddess’ hand…
mirrored lake
now fevered with Her touch
that takes with it in the ecstasy of its auroral contractions
all that appears not to be ecstasy
Let go.
lotus roots only grow in a circle
Viscerally feel that I, Mother, am here in the Emptiness
that is the circumference of All
no more craving to try to fill the empty place
that is actually the temple of My chalice
now ready to conceive
in your heart
the new born sun Horus
of Nuit and Hadit
fecund night ignited with the fire that is the core of every star,
the flame that burns at the center of all life
calling into existence from the palpable pulse of their sacred passion
the Holy blue Child who is archetypally born
of the Lovers who live within you
as the fusion of love and power,
rose sandalwood
lovingly anointing the body of the One,
gently stroking the place in you that fears it can be separate
into remembrance of the sparkling electronic grid of My crystalline chalicethat provides whatever container you genuinely require at this moment
to further empty
and in trust, step out of structure, step out of mind,
step out of power that futility binds…with triangle inscribing the great formless Emptiness
the thousand petaled lotus crown awaits you
Priests and Priestess’ of Ecstasy…
(art by Oceanna)
lotus seeds containing the hidden archetype of the manifest flower,
lotus pods reflecting our uniqueness..
let the clarity of the seven pointed diamond star
scintillate in your gold dust crown of thirteen moons,
and in loving service, bear witness
to the Lemurian Empress joyfully consorting with blue Lord Shiva
conjunctio hallelujah
union of polarities..
this is the moment the snake oracle predicted in its ascent up the Tree of Life
when the two sacred snakes undulate in union in the heart, in Tipereth
then shall the eagle and lioness
merge to create the divine fool child
who quantum leaps off the edge of a known reality
in radical trust
and in full remembrance of its origins in Union
offered up in grateful hands to a purple midnight sun
raised as a holy, empty chalice of Second Birth
in the fusion of fire on water..
fully be received now
and in gratitude
that is adoration’s tearful embrace
welcome yourselves Home
crowned with the thousand petaled lotus
Returned to a home you never left, in innocence
Returned to the holy lands of the lotus born..
(offered through your humble emissary Ariel
in deepest devotion to the One Heart)