Transmission: In Her Name

In Her Name

Through Ariel Spilsbury

Yin, dark, moist, Void
Sentient darkness,
moonlight’s subtle range of emanations,
frequency shifts
shadowed light
tides swollen with moonblood
crashing in the intense, headlong rush
to Divine Ecstasy
Eyes closed now
enfolded in Her darkness
Artfully Empty..
Here the temple brazier is kept LIT
In Her Name…
Here the sacred fires, lovingly tended to
by the devoted handmaidens of Love,
who joyfully lift the vessel of Creation
to be filled with Universal Waters
from the Sacred Well,
pouring them out freely as light and grace
unconditionally upon this world,
In Her Name..

Gatherer of Beauty
shared without artiface, agendas or self consciousness
naturally emits Her Radiance
like the innocent gold of candle flame
reveals the true nature of
As Divine emanation,
Rendering evolution laughable
Tat Vam Asi times three
In Her Name,
in the magnetic, dark context of the Universe
crowned with the diamond vajra light of
Pure Awareness
that, like the whales,
innocently plays with the sparkling song lines of reality
and thus without doubt,
When it is time to gently lift the lamp of Her awareness
When it is time to set it down in surrender
When it is time to stoke the brazier fire in her belly..
to build the Temple
In Her Name..
The reality is:
the fruit of Consciousness falls to the ground when ripe,
on to shining trays of fruit
laden with the radiant, golden beauty Aphrodite,
sensuously serves you in this moment now..
lips so soft as you kiss,
souls fuse in longing for Divine embrace…
in the sybaritically rich colors and spicy scents of a Pasha’s pillowed seraglio ,
tent silk walls sensuously wafting
in the accumulated energy of twilight’s chalice
graceful hips, naked silk
moving poignantly into the West
breath by breath
sun slowly sinking into Her dark receptive waters
into a Peace
granting entrance to the third eye of the full moon
who lovingly holds the silver mirror of Awareness
that reflects the icy light of truth as the
dispassionate Witness
pulsing with the subtle radiance of wisdom
that creates from frequency directly,
with the piercing intensity
of Ecstasy,
Immanent Empress conduit of all conquering Emptiness
Magical Muse,
Blue Faerie granting Universal wishes,
Lure us laughing to the well of wisdom,
with your innocent heart opulence
and inspired hummingbird ways
for you have stars that sing.
photograph by courtesy of Mermaid Dreams B and B
reminding us that we are so much more fluid than the movie credits
 for this extravaganza of yours would imply,
So let us,
 In Her Name
remember our sacred trust
to alchemize duality,
And already Mobius strip.. searched at 5 th dimensional customs coming here to Earth,
let us laughingly walk now
pouring from our water vessels the Divine Fire,
 ebulliently singing praises together
 In Her Name..
In adoration’s tearful embrace,