Transmission: Luk Umen Tun Ben Can

Luk Umen Tun Ben Can
Bearers of the Sacred Serpents
 Through Ariel Spilsbury

What is it to synthesize?
To walk in Awe(Toning Ah)The Love of the Spinning Galaxies speaks:
“I am divided for Love’s Sake
For the chance of ultimate reunion”..

snake sleeping curled up in the spiraling shape of the sacred G
all motion is spiral thru eternity
so where is there to go?
what is there to unify?gift of the sacred unis mundi, eye of the dragon,
sacred loop of the ouroboros, circle of fifths,
be completed in me now.
(toning Ah)

Consciously dreaming
on the warp and woofing frequencies
of the Void and the Sun
dreaming the holy body of the One
Luk An Tumen Kan
Bearers of the Sacred Serpent Dragons
activating quantum potential
leading dreaming bodies
to the serpent filled Abaton
in the subterranean Dream Temples..
awakening in the darkness
burning up with tongues of fire
agitating ferment to purify,
the white stage of alchemy
calling Dream Dragons
to devour, melt, dissolve, transform, clear
any remaining wounding, emotional nigredo,
for there lies the alchemical gold!
release this treasure to the light of consciousness
follow it as it flies upward
to merge with the greater Black Sun
where fear cannot follow..
final Distillation
that reveals the “hidden” treasure
occultum lapidem
that the True Imagination in the third eye can receive
the silvery moon,
redeemed intuition
a waking dream, a lucid vision
within the lucid dream I say to another dreamer,
“I am here, are you?”
lucidity flash flare
that opens one dream door into another dream
like Russian dolls
dimensionally embedded within each other
all possibilities within Love
starry gold rising in the blood
as a vibratory means to
enter any frequency domain
burning thru on
Fire letters
to the sound of God merging with human sound,
Awe.(tone Ah) )

In the beginning there
was music
born of the Prima Materia
First Matter
brilliant golden light over the watery black Abyss
fashioning from the One Thing
the star in all beings
eight spheres contained within the One Divine Mind
In my ending is my beginning
As above. So below.
Oh Beloveds,
we are creating one spectacular cosmic show!
as we walk on the Return Path in the Stars!*Mayan: Luk’Umen Tun Ben Can:
Bearers of the Sacred Serpents