Transmission: Owl Priest/ess

Owl Priest/ess

Through Ariel Spilsbury

What need have you now of
false masks of identification
however gold or studied, branded and burnished to stardom?
False gods, pale gods
Like not enoughness..
how long can Atlas continue to hold a world
carrying the insane burden of separation?
But never mind, as we speak, our grieving, our longing for Union
that fragments into countless names and masks
 is dissolving in Demeter’s tears
As the lost Persephone now arises from the arid planes of war
in Hades chariot graciously delivered,
even if it is at the last minute..
losing the smell of death as her tears fall onto the fertile plain
running in the soft spring rain that caresses her skin
in gratitude, for her return to this ancient future scripted moment
now a swooning ecstasy
playing amid fields of lavender and passionflowers
where the real that can only be empty
dances naked in the rain
Athena no longer encumbered
by expectation wearing superiorities face
laying down Medua’s shield of the isolation
that lurks beneath the mask,
however well chosen, to receive critical applause
even from the Divine…
rather becoming a supple, empty lotus reed,
a vulnerable receptor for the Divine Sourceflame…
palms open, eyes open, senses open,
body parabolically open as an ecstatic instrument
 pouring forth the divine nectar
of ecstatic Awareness
through the endless aquifers of Emptiness
the divine actor
the divine fool
who delivers the punch line and the living waters of life
with the verve, commitment and obvious sense of humor of Aquarius
rejoining even seemingly disparate parts like the Gemini twins
or Adam and Eve
consciously engaging the snake of wisdom
that opens the door to the possibility of
actually eating the apple of conscious Union
or in the alchemical parlance of Avalon and Atlantis, Mu and Marduk,
coming full circle…alpha and omega
coming through the frequencies of bliss,
coming through the playfully turquoise waters of Now-Where
into the dolphin transparency of original innocence
offered now as a gift of grace..
Could I perhaps interest you in a extra serving?
copious extravagance has always been Her divine trademark,
just look at Nature..
With Love on the appearance of the flip side of everything you can name
evolution is a but a beginner’s game
Owl priest/ess with a golden harvest moon in her beak
embodied instrument of wholing and thus transition,
wings tucked,
silently glide unseen in the supermarket
spreading the messages most urgently needing to be transmitted by Love
through one who not only listens
but actually hears simply, without distortion
mermaid with a shell to her ear*
hearing what’s between words, waves, wonderments
regaler of what is real
feet planted like trees
with stars for roots
Will you walk home with us from the graduation party?
Because there never was a teacher
there never was a student
just Awareness …laughing tenderly..
Scribed by ariel

Mermaid Vyana