Transmission: Priest/ess of Isis

Priest/ess of Isis

Through Ariel Spilsbury

The Hierophant is an Evocateur who knows
that truth is a playful or sometimes pricking provocation
soberly shaking us from the sweet sleep of unconsciousness
Offering us love which actually sees through our masks
and is thus able to offer what is actually needed,
maybe not at all what was wanted or wished for by the ego mind.
The Hierophant calls you into full remembrance
Egyptian Priest/ess,
Living embodiment of Isis,
nexxus of “I” cease,
emanation of the seven star sisters
 that the seven pointed star symbolizes.
 She who wields the creation wand
without doubt,
in total trust
that through simple devotion to being a clear vessel,
manifests Her sacred dance as a glorious paean of joy
..a living testament honoring Divine Light!
Transition Priest/ess of the Phoenix
mid-wifing transformation through your empty presence,
innocently resonating the geometry of the heavens
that summons the seal of the tetragrammaton
to amplify truth
served up as a sobriquet of subtlety
in mudra, dance, direct transmission,
offered with such irresistibly dazzling devotion,
 as to create a direct experience of that truth
 in those who are fortunate enough to witness.
Snake Priest/ess ecstatically calling
 the black and gold snakes up the shushumna of the spine,
a devotional evocation alluringly leading finally
to the illumination of the
the Djed central column, the galactic shushumna,
the Silence of the Nada,
  and all because you emptied enough to be
 a moment by moment
black tourmaline scribe of her spiraling Void,
through your awe filled vulnerability,
 your undefended trust in Existence
 manifesting through you
as the innocence of a child
merged with the many gifts of Sarasvati
to ecstatically co-create Divine novelty
for the Creation.
A breadcrumb clue on the path to this place is this:
 it could be said that on the alchemical journey you stopped just one step short
of the complete merging that would leave no residue
save the snake aureole of shimmering gold around the head
quivering with subtle alchemical power
like a candle’s golden halo
like the precipitant of the Alchemist’s fire
eagle and lion drinking from the same cauldron
that celebrates union
and cleanses will
thus revealing the hidden stone
birthing the new,
from a sphere and the cube of earth
joining to encase the five pointed star embedded in a pentagon
encoding the sacred geometry of Divine Mother’s 108 names,
like the revelatory geometry
upon which Celtic interlace bases its language
in recognizing pattern and connection,
the Mystery is hidden obviously
and bent over laughing,
bearing in mind of course,
that even though we work with the hidden patterns that create the Universe,
 we are simply divine divertissement,
joyful path sweepers for novelty
dolphins and evanescent dragonfly wings
through which the Grail of reality dreams
as the divine amrita of crystallized light
the Keeper of the Grail having but one qualification
 taking myriad life times to embody:
to be pure of heart..
And may that be so now, through you!