Transmission: Priestess of Ishtar/Shaman of Ur

Priestess of Ishtar/Shaman of Ur
Through Ariel Spilsbury

So deeply ripped by the talons of pain
this life seemed…
Blood letting “whys” escaped reason,
trickling constantly ruinous stains
on joy, on connection, on peace
the dye of self-hatred permanently pressed
into the viscera of fouled belly
where molten anger ever seethed
toxic poisoning from within,
or when needed, a weapon hurled outward,
clearly stating: “Stay away
from this toxic wasteland,
lest you be contaminated by the broken mirror..
Withering heart in chains,
indentured servant to the collective lie of duality,
unthaw the truth that has been immobilized, crouching,
cowering from the next blow of ugly self-recrimination
Seething dragon within,
 alchemically precipitate into the celebrating phoenix of transmutation!
You make Bubo, laugh
you can’t fool me or anyone with eyes to see,
hiding in such a cul-de-sac, dead end maze of mental interpretation
Love was always bound to find you there,
playing this pretend game of hide and seek
Even now, your masks have grown too thin.
letting the brilliance of the light that you are, accidentally leak out
of the pure, untouched vessel
of multi-faceted, androgynous, ancient, renascent beauty
that your soul container, in truth, is.
Unfathomable dark lake of the fecund Mother,
your dazzling depths only reflect the light more furiously,
 like a ground fire out of control,
burning root structures, words, past mental perceptions,
clearing the way for the truly new,
your soul turning inside out,
 with a piercing, single lightening swift bolt of awareness,
from ashen pall of doubt and fear
to green sapling, blossoming bud of self-love
in one firey flood
there is nowhere else to run,
there are no more back doors
you have reached the threshold of a new world.
With your ally, wolf, step across the gateway,
giving up your attachment to perceived pain..
Finally, make sacred and numinous the horrible wounding of childhood,
Shaman of Ur,
 turn your back
on the parasite of the past
now licked clean by your howling cosmic laughter,
Turn and face the light generated within your own darkness,
visionary priest/ess of Ishtar,
ringed in a crown of eight stars,
Light weaver/Dreamer in the caves of Qudishtu,
amphibious visitor from Neberu,
Use the light you carried from the stars to ease the birth pains of the many,
 suffering the ultimate darkness of seeming separation from Source
Send out veins of gold healing light,
in your presence, your songs of awakening, in your sacred dance,
into this dark quarry of consciousness on Earth,
for you have come to be a magician midwife to the collective,
to witness the soul of this planet turning inside out,
ourabouros eating its own tail
you came to witness the miracle,
light and dark becoming one luminous golden egg,
scintillating bridge across the rainbow arc of time,
burning a passageway to the incorruptible Infinite Self
birthing the new sun of Cosmic Consciousness
in the heart of the One!

  • homo-ludens: a being who sings and celebrates with laughter
    Offered through this humble scribe.. ariel