Transmission: Radiance

Through Ariel Spilsbury

ancient memory revealing itself anew
in radial time..
emanating from the single bindi of light,
which you are.
Stillness increases the velocity of light..
radiance being born of stillness
which is where the Geneatrix of
the causal frequency patterns

of that which
you came to create in this life,
 hangs out..
Have a moment?
 Do you perhaps want to have a visit with Her?
(the voice of the Geneatrix speaks)
Let’s start here..
let’s check out what you have in your aura’s lingerie drawer
you know like, overcoming the hermit’s vow
Have you checked out the recipe for fear of being alone, abandoned, separate,
Or the big one, fear of death, for example?”
One thing i can say for sure is that it seems it can be
longer lasting than bicarbonate soda burps
from the perspective of a lifetime overview
unless you start by asking yourself
 “Where did I
get that recipe for fear of death”?
..following it until it finally reveals its true identity
In Emptiness..
Next you might search out the ingredient called
“look in the mirror-like reflection of a mountain lake on full moon”
to request from the Lady of the Lake
a timeless, holographic movie overlay of your version of
“alone” “abandoned” “separate”
just for a brief dip into the icy chill of the collective sinking titanic waters
or perhaps rather, choosing a visit with the beatifically smiling, crone seer
 living in a dank cave near the edge of the village
in your own inner pantheon
but then you might rather just want to ask why
the Fool and the Magician
live next door to each other in tarot decks
and further still
why the Wise Woman presides over crossroads and
along with Isis, Mary Magdelan, Sarasvati and thee
Keepers of the Sacred Well
of Remembrance
As a conduit for the pure, overflowing power of Love,
Is there another power?
when it is your arms,
Her arms, whose graceful movements
keep Universe’s spinning
and the blue flames of Silence burning in the temple fire brazier?
as a Witness
attesting your surrender
to radiance
to heart
which naturally consumes false masks of power
which can only mimic reality
not create it.
Quite a prize for your willingness
to hold the ember flame of wisdom alone within
until it burns off
everything but the purity of heart
that evokes the Awakener
in the electric blue lightening storm
that births a purple sun
within you
freeing the penniless, penitent, priest or priestess
who rather chooses to be Ecstasy
now gently pointing out the path of the opulence of the Beauty Way
embodying the tender vulnerability of a purple iris
by being empty and open to being penetrated by the Divine Impulse
revealing itself through the eternity of light in your eyes
the ice blue crystal radiance of presence, that awakens like morning sky
in which clarity has eternal tenure
having navigated the canyon narrows of “alone”
like the sun setting,
now setting an indelible frequency intention in you
 that is irresistible, irrepressible, undeniable
like Love
in reception of an archetypal frequency permanent die cast
“ppst.. ppst”..
the mind, not wanting only cameo appearances in your holographic movie
interjects like a horse racing sportscaster:
“Which is why you may want to have a peek at the other drawers
in your aura’s closet as well!”
Awareness, noticing that minds apparently have “feelings”
in this case like limp helium balloons that didn’t get to be let go..
and so supports you in embracing your mind, loving your mind
for playing the forgetting game in the first place
because that’s what you told it to do
while you were gathering true
like a tsumani of light builds momentum
through surrenders that
take your breath away
as She breaths you…
until everything you thought was “you”
is melted and gone
like snow turned to steam in the sun’s impassioned gaze
or kissing the mist over a lake at dawn
in a diapason song of the supernal
that you actually are…