Transmission: Sisterhood of the Stars…(You are my sister)

Sisterhood of the Stars…(You are my sister)
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Star roots revealed
In the transmission of full presence
You are my sister in that…
Gracefully navigating frequency phase shifts
Due to recognizing ourselves simply as frequency tuning forks,
Still and empty until ecstatically touched by Divine Light
Transmitting the wisdom only held in Empty Presence
Joyful Weavers
Connecting the jeweled nodes on Indra’s cosmic net
Divinely impulsed to offer compelling beauty
To scintillate Her crystalline, starry veil with sound, light, color, Love…
You are my sister in that..

Penetrating eyes that trust emptiness deeply enough to part veils,
That recognize through those corridors of light
That see across a galaxy of stars or a crowded room
The wonder of our walking in yet another temple corridor together
In this lifetime.
You are my sister in that..
Hearts tuned to “Love as the only reality”…
Stretching through the aeons
On pulsations of magnetic lines of flow
Stepped down to language.. sharing alchemical lineages
In which we have danced endlessly
To serve the awakening of that reality
You are my sister in that…
Time-lines Orb afloat in the waters of Consciousness
Releasing the appearance of the Trickster time
To its starring role as the Eternal Timeless Now
To that end, we playfully meander,
Holding hands,
navigating holographically
the Divine Bread Crumbs left us to follow Home
You are my sister in that…
Translators of the starry scripts into beauty
That ignites, heralds and uplifts
the lanterns of remembrance
of our tearfully felt dedication and deep devotion
to our Mother,
That all may wildly celebrate Union
You are my sister in that…
Ourabourus crowned with the diadem of liberation
As only the circuit by which things return to themselves
Can fully claim or attest to
the celebration of the return wave of the Zuvuya
Releasing the Morpho butterfly of freedom
Signaling metamorphosis for a whole species
seemingly trapped in the laughable appearance of the fixity of form
into yet another circuit on the spiral of completion
of electro-magnetic Union
You are my sister in that..
Called to expand reality radially
in times of planetary transformation,
We are magnetized to gather once again, potent alchemical circles
that transmute the collective mind field from the inside out,
coherent pattern unfolding in trusting Her grace..
to unify all appearances
like a blue rose nebula wave across time space
simply from our willingness to be empty conduits..
You are my sister in that…
Sisterhood of the Stars..
Ageless Witness’
Starry midwives
Turning with the axis of the spiraling waves of Love
Calling us to bring yet another world to birth
Under the sigil of the luminescent star of a sapphire’s light
We hold witness to the alchemical miracle
Of the simultaneous recognition
That there is only one of us here!
Apotheosis: Merged Consciousness
And, as the Mother would have it, paradoxically,
You are my sister in that…