Transmission: Speaking the Language of Yes

Speaking the Language of Yes
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Collective Fool’s for Love
having surrendered on the altar of collective Dreaming
the forms or means of making footholds
in scaling the Unknown…
pure vibration
conceiving collective conjunction
conspiring in our innocence
children simply
breathing together
conspiring in pure tone, pure frequency,
lovingly exhaling
our accumulated ancestral flotsam and jetsam
our collective ballast
now letting go of the very duality that spawned
the need for a burdening belief like karma
which implies living genetically in a past which is in fact non-existent
perpetually collecting the magnetic memory condon bits and pieces of our ego
like Isis endlessly hunting for the remains of her Beloved Osiris
never stopping to ask the question
Yes, but how can we know our wholeness?

By Witnessing it.

By speaking the Language of Yes
which only lives in this simultaneous, holonomic, fractal Now!

Here’s a Gateway…
Enter In..
Enter in to the wave of Ecstasy beyond
the finite dance of the swirling veils
fragments of the greater Self gather,
moving homeward.
rise up unveiled
chrysalis shattering
release in
pure tone
pure essence
pure vibration(Toning O )

Yes. Speaking the Language of Yes.
Unified. Whole
in spite of the ego’s propaganda..
since there is no YOU to unify with any
other non-existant you’s
endlessly dreaming each other up or down
in acausal relationship to our shared dream
even though we are always laughingly unified with the whole
not a part of the whole
rather a wave knowing itself as ocean
pure vibration

(Toning Ah )

In the beginning there was music
Double spiral harmonics
Revealing the
With Infinite faces all saying
Speak the Language of Yes
Having been eaten by the starry lion
in the dismemberment that precedes Union
unearthing the terma.. the hidden treasure
of our Essential Selves
like the seven dwarfs,
in terrae,
“enter the center of the Earth”
with the intelligence of the heart
that is poured from the Grail that
alchemically makes gold from the simplicity
of combining Fire and Water
Visita Interior Terrae Rectifacando Invenies Occultum Lapidem
“Visit the interior of the earth and rectifying, purifying, you will find the hidden stone.”
lion and eagle
keeping the golden cauldron
of the Makers,
alchemists combining red and white
in the Grail of the throne room
embracing of all
alchemically blooming
the flower of True Imagination
in the third eye
that lifts the veil to
being Union
Terra Gaia
Double spiral
Balancing in
Pure vibration
Yes.( O )