Transmission: Stellar Alchemists Glass Bead Game Players

Stellar Alchemists Glass Bead Game Players
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Stellar Alchemists
…under the banner of the dragon in the stars forsworn,
to live a life dedicated to the awakening,
to the alchemical transmutation of all matter
Naturally tuned to the resonant frequency of the great DNA serpents
That are now rising from the belly of our Mother
Raising the light quanta within Her waters, our blood,
Potentiating more expanded dimensional vibrations and realities,
That through the osmosis of Love held in Her waters,
held in the whirring, spiraling stars in our blood,
we are lifted up with Her,
the whales and dolphins,
singing the vibration,
the sound signature, the holy name in the planetary waters

of our Homecoming in the Sacred Garden of Earth
Sacred Mother, light our way to these birthing chambers,
These undulating tunnels of ecstatic light..
Show us the way of deeper surrender through
lifting your Lantern of Blue Stars
Lit from the few remaining embers of Divine Love’s invitation here,
the Flame bursting into the awakening
of the flower of fire, Rosa Mystica in our blood,
bringing us to our senses
to re-kindle the Central blue white brazier fire,
igniting the United Rainbow Flame
In this flame of awakening,
we remember the Maya crystal star- keys,
sacred geometries and sound combined,
Cosmic Serpent’s offering of the
Starcodes as reality bridges,
Quantum frequency phase shifters
on the back of the Snake of Ecstatic Emergence
Within the Grail
That is the spiral of our return path
Now, in the Cosmic Play,
we await the turning of the crystal star keys
that place the destiny card on the Great Glass Bead Game Table
of Human Consciousness,
shuttering into place in the circular mandala,
the sacred geometric created with the corridors of conjoined light frequency
held within the communion of the starry frequencies
carried by the Stellar Alchemist’s eyes,
Star Maya trained to navigate the Timeship Star Codes
of the Eternal Now’s Ecstatic Emergence
Through Stargate 33
In the Etheric Light Council Halls,
The Stellar Alchemist’s already fully activated archetypal Selves
Playfully move the sacred geometries,
On the colorfully pulsing Glass Bead Game table,
Placing the Maya crystal star keys at portal nodes within the Star-grid Light Loom
(Upon which these Glass Bead Game Players are inexorably drawn
in fulfillment of an unknown but sacred trust)
That on Earth reveals and communicates the coded pattern of these keys
To their human, archetypal counterpart-Player’s holodecks and hands,
Activating the butterfly etched within the interstellar light in their cells,
in the form of vibrational potency and comprehension
running through all frequency ranges,
that when finally innocently stand in this mandala
of the unknown, a pre-coded, patterned geometric,
is released into Her waters,
alchemically activating, through Grace, the transmutation of matter on Earth,
And into the new Golden Octave we are sung
Holy innocents leading the way to this New Dawning of the One..