Transmission: The Flight of the Swan

The Flight of the Swan
From the Mystery of
Ham Sa So Ham

the sound of the breath merging Shiva and Shakti,
wholeness/union within and without.

Through Ariel Spilsbury

Be prepared for novelty
if you choose to make love in one of the far flung and exotic rooms
in Her many mansions…
found through journeying with the intention of
bursting awake like a supernova
or moving starwise through the constellation of Signus the swan,
catapulted there ecstatically through the cornea of
the opened eye of the Blue Pearl chamber in the
pineal gland
through which you will certainly perceive the
pulsation flux of the
blinking hologram
that is referred to as “you” and the “reality” of this world
found by enticing the blue fire snakes in your spine to
sensuously undulate upward on the sacred breath of
Ham Sa So Ham
(you may wish to breath now and invite the fire snakes up your spine on the Breath of Ham Sa)

Breathing the fire snakes of Ida and Pingala sensuously up the spine

as you stoke the divine ecstatic current fueling their ascent

Ham Sa  So Ham

Snakes finally ecstatically merging…

merging Shiva Shakti, sun/moon at the base of skull,

converging in the medulla oblongata

merging into one unified pulse

on the sound of

Ham Sa So Ham

to enter the Temple room of

meaning beyond words

in the hippocampus

as the sensory “orienter” within the flow of meaning

that knows its natural alignment with the pole star magnetics

involved in liberation…

Snake gliding like a swan on a still blue mountain lake

slowly up the back of the skull..

becoming the hood of the cobra,

spreading to form wings..

longingly moving over the crown

head hovering above the watery pool of the third eye

humbly petitioning entrance

into this Holy of Holies..

and with the tingling “yes” felt in the third eye

the tongue of the winged snake,

like lightning penetrates the watery vortex

now ecstatically spiraling deeper and deeper with this holy touch

Alle Sulle*

The Mother’s waters singing:

Alle Sulle

I long for your gentle touch

Alle Sulle

tongues of flame opening, softening the waters

with tongues of fire..

revealing the gateway of the Blue Pearl chamber

at the center of all appearances..

snake tongues of fire entering this holy temple on the sound

Tsa.. Tsa  Tsa

Igniting the central temple flame of the Blue Pearl chamber

molecularly transforming it into a transmitter receiver set

of blue, violet, gold, embraced by rainbow light

Opening the cornea of the pineal gland turned heavenward,

in the ecstasy of dimensional reunion..

the brain blossoming wings of the swan


Ham Sa So Ham

Corpus Callosum now dissolving..

dissolving the illusory appearance of the world of distinctions

mystical union, mystical sight

allowing the swan  Paramahansa now to take flight

body left smiling serenely

like Kuan Yin, like Buddha

like an unconditionally loved newborn

regardless of its age,

the brain no longer distinguishing between “real” and “imagined”

because everything is real

as you command it to be so.

Ham Sa So Ham

dolphins and whales

holding with us,

the frequency of the triumph of divine beauty

and to that end..

rainbow swans incarnate at critical junctures

to priest/ess at the edge of chaos*,

as alchemical, initiatory “ring pass not” light nodes

trained to live comfortably with the ambiguity of the Unknown

as quantum fractal strange attractors*

creating order from the unformed essence of reality

that chaos actually is,

interjecting new meme’s* that expand consciousness

simply through honoring beauty

elemental catalysts,

offering a template, a chalice in which to surrender to the ecstatic pulse

of evolution Eternal

Kay La Ray Ah*

Rainbow Swans

Sacred Listeners

“Be still and know God. Listen. I am here.”

Guided by the rainbow over Swan Mountain

or hovering above a sea of light in a scintillating rainbow pyramid

both, preceding manifestation realized

simply from doing our alchemical work in

effortlessly gliding on the equanimous waters of consciousness

as Love’s presence, as radiant peace

frequency alchemists magnetizing through empty presence

expanding resonant harmonic nodes,


Swans in Flight

uplifting the planetary noosphere

through offering a direct experience of

“As Above. So Below”

in frequency

empty conduits, transmitters of a Divine evolutionary blueprint

simply by being alchemical distilleries of rainbow frequencies of light

Sacred Witnesses

as the swan of consciousness

collectively takes flight

flying in a victorious V on the magnetic migration path

that flawlessly knows its way Home.

Paramahansa Ham Sa So Ham

*Transmission: gathering and reorganizing the threads,

emptying to allow the Divine to do the weaving of

Language Alchemy

Transmission: a divine Glass Bead Game made of all the beads that were  so lovingly offered for its creation.

*Memes: an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means

*Strange Attractor: In the mathematics of chaos theory, an attractor is called  strange  if it has a fractal structure. The term  strange attractor  describes the attractor resulting from a series of bifurcations of a system describing fluid flow.

*Priestessing on the edge of chaos: Thank you priestess sister Letecia Layson

* Thank you Kore for the dream chant: Alle Sulle

*Thank you Jade Lotus for the dolphin dream chant: Kay La Ray Ah