Transmission: The Magi

The Magi

Through Ariel Spilsbury

Each Magi carried a different magic
to add to the incumbent miracle
Merlin’s acerbically clear vision of what is
as it plays out in the past, present and future
crystal balls, Merlin had for eyes,
magnitizing and meticulously extracting now from the future
And Taliesin carrying a pan pipe and the bardic penchant
for retrieving magical soundscapes
direct from the Divine Mind
and delivering them in the powerful magic held
in a simple song or story
so directed through divinity
and spoken by a holy innocent,
a bearer of the winged heart
as a living oracle conduit,
the words were mostly forgotten as spoken
but left a jarring impression on the wakening soul,
 like the hole a meteorite makes in the desert
Then there was Thoth,
 with the emerald tablets,
carrying the message of emergence into a new world,
the geometric template of a new reality
 revealing the harmonic coherence, etched in conscious breathing,
emanation of the frequency of simplicity,
childlike simplicity
heart tenderly opened in awe
of the divine presence
in each face
and from such awe,
mid-wifing myth, miracles and magic from the
adoration of the compelling mystery held in a single flower
in whose devoted communion
a portal to high magic opens.
Divine Child magicians,
 these Magi,
technicians of the sacred
ego pokers, dauntless jokers
playful adepts and heart specialists
tweaking to wakefulness
the festooned altar of joy and celebration
in the heart grown wings
 of a dove
om shanti shanti shanti, om shanti shanti shanti. om shanti shanti shanti om
Of the Stellar Alchemist lineage there were
thirteen Magi altogether,
of the same Star Kindred
who, with a chalice
pledged to bring a world to rebirth
within the womb of grace,
and so, in the Divine Mother
took a pledge to emptiness, to simplicity, to not knowing,
that would reveal the awaking Divine Child magicians to be the
violet lotus,
The wisdom of embodied innocence
the vulnerability of the opened heart
penetrating the mysterious, watery depths
of Love
 that transforms, through its rawly simple,
trustingly present,
unconditional embrace,
wherein high magic presides
as the actor of the moment
in the supernal script of the undefinable,
the divine dalliance and dazzlement
found within the cosmic dance
whose melody is now being played by
dolphin ley lines
whale songlines,
resonant patterns connecting galaxies
of sound and color streams
entering the alchemist’s laboratory of Earth,
tentacles reaching into the Mystery
to include more
in the continuous conch shell conundrum called Consciousness
to embrace the miraculous chaos
that is reweaving creation
into the impossibility of
 fire on water
So let us..
drink of this new sacrament
drink of this new sacrament
 drink of this new sacrament!