Transmission: The Open Way: Vulnerability

The Open Way: Vulnerability

Through Ariel Spilsbury

You chasten me to open to you
like an iris
exposing its juicy, nectared mystery.
It appears to be a great risk
you ask me to take,
opening to you.

Some call it

But vulnerability is a lie because
As a living system,
A flower among many,
I only appear to have a choice to
remain open

In truth it is natural law
as with flowers,

to remain vulnerable, open, or die,
(at least inwardly.)

The poignancy is found in the consciously choosing to
Remain open..
for the pain,

for the joy

(the only way out is through)
reaching, reaching

for the fragile connection
between hearts

for a momentary blending,
a communion
with original causeā€¦ with Love.

And so,
I consciously choose
to keep the way open
to my heart-flower,

fragile, tender, sometimes tentatively open
to the laughing,

to the weeping

Open, tenderly,
Open poignantly,
Open, hopefully
But open by definition.

Loving scribed by Ariel