Transmission: The Radiant One

The Radiant One
Through Ariel Spilsbury

Priest/ess of the sacred golden flame,
with the heat of your passion,
stir the coals of awakening,
tend the inner temple of the Shakti fire
that releases the alchemical power held in the scent
that only the opened heart-flower emanates
purity of intent and
child-like simplicity
act as the gate guardians
to the ecstatic union of crown and radiant seed,
golden starburst
of self-realized awareness
that arose from the golden Phoenix
whose flames consumed the painful past, duality’s illusory shadows cast
at last… as the innocent smile of Shevara,
as she rises from the ashes of any knowing, any striving, any seeking,
dancing in such laughing innocence and joyful celebration
that the gateway to
The Sacred Garden flies open,
naturally revealing the Chalice of Self
filled with the golden elixir of Love
that pours endlessly from the fountain of joy,
resolving the multiple appearance of things
in the sacred circle of Love’s Presence.
Enter into the sacred Circle
hear the impassioned cry of hawk
awakening the remembrance that
JOY is the infallible sign of the presence of God*,
revel in its myriad pathways
for they all lead Home
to NOW..
silver trays laden with the fecund fruits of this Earth
that you came to share,
crown of the three stars of Alpha Centauri
worn as a diadem in your hair,
art by Elizabeth Kyle)
crown searingly pressed to your third eye
as a potent commitment to the truth
that only this now moment can supply.
Here you stand in your greatest power,
an empty, vulnerable, open flower
stripped of the apparent protection of any beliefs,
with only the naked truth of pure awareness
aching to clothe you in these radiant robes of joy’s making…
Through this humble scribe, ariel
*quoted from Teilhard de Chardin