Transmission: The Spiral Journey Within

The Spiral Journey Within
Through Ariel Spilsbury

And what will you need to leave behind
on this spiral journey into the depths of Self?
initiates “T” now beckoning you into the Abyss
 that will lead to the sacred spiral
 journeying you ever deeper into the heart of truth
The shadow of the appearance of wounding
naturally leading to the descending kiva poles of the inner worlds.
A single lily bears Witness to your descent,
harbinger of completion and divine re-emergence
as the Fool
who enters the Mystery as an innocent,
this time descending into the octave of the circle
rather than the square,
holding only trust as his walking stick
and surrender as his guide.
Do you hesitate to enter onto this journey
even knowing its promised fulfillment?
perception fixed rigidly in space
are you content to hang suspended there
clothed in the
emblems of the husk of ego appearances
for yet another lifetime?
Upon what are you hung?
Fear, control, power, lack of trust, waffling integrity?
Ah, Beloved do you even care to discover the pivotal lynch pin
 that will free the patterns
that appear to imprison you?
 Why do you so powerfully resist and avoid the inquiry into self
as to who in you still keeps you shackled,
the discovery of which
could free the fixed nodal points
upon which your reality now so limitedly pivots,
releasing you into the gyroscopic panorama
of the liberation your soul actually seeks?
Finally choose to enter the spiral of the naked vulnerable heart,
with any appearance to the contrary..
it is safe to love,
it is the only safety

release the sharp talons of mind’s minions
control and power,
enter into the green of simplicity,
eyes softly trusting,
 you’ll discover the entryway into the Sacred Garden
of fluid alignment in the Divine
everywhere beckoning,
offering you the powerful, soft wings of victory
in a world of seeming harsh edges and cliffs.
In this garden, innocence plays
dancing ever free, ever held,
by the Divine
which extends to you a rose on your arrival
 weeping with joyful witness of your emergence
into the true reality of this world of the One Heart.
Offered through this humble scribe.. ariel
I offer this freely, as it was offered from the Divine to me, so PLEASE “COPY IT RIGHT” with crediting.