Transmission: The Unweaving of Time and Space

The Unweaving of Time and Space
Through Ariel Spilsbury

The voice of time and space unravels,
Calling us simultaneously backward and forward
Stretching out to make a circle
Encompassing all possibilities
Abraxas stampedes in slow motion
Sparks of light glinting from hooves
That abrasively strike dying perceptions
Simultaneously birthing a new world
From this jarring friction
I am becoming unstuck in time,
Sharp shards of definition and dangling threads of me
Lie everywhere broken, unraveling,
The comfortable warp and woof of time and space
Lay in tatters.
Where is the familiar tapestry on which I wove my life?
Goddess is taking a new breath.
In that breath, time and space are bending, folding
Precipitating the impossible,
Breaking the apparent mold.
Earth like a pottery jar,
Thrown up in the air,
Allowed to drop, smash,
Breaking into seemingly chaotic pieces,

That unerringly expose the essence that was always there
When the pot is broken
Mysteriously waiting within the pottery jar
Freeing it, lifting it up to new octaves of experience
In Emptiness
And we with Earth,
Lifted up like a new born child
Raised up in gentle hands to the stars
For confirmation and receipt of a new name and
Place among the stars
Honoring of the new expression of our Divinity,
Fluidly moving
without the tethers of time and space
Nothing to define us but the eternal present moment
We dance in such freedom, laughing, in rapture,
 we practice Aikido with the Divine
Divine children are we,
at play in the cosmic fields of Timeless light
Opening to the Sacred Garden of ecstasy
That everywhere embraces us.
As Divine Child creators
We freely draw from Goddess’ pallet of possibilities.
From the eye of eternity
The seemingly impossible not only exists
But dimensionally already IS.
For all things exist
now within the Divine Mind
And it is for us to simply resonate
directly with that knowingness
To alchemically square the circle
Knowing ourselves as one with the Creator,
Dots the eye that connects eternities
Spinning beyond time and space..
And the voice of time and space unravels
Calling us simultaneously backwards and forwards
Stretching out to make a circle
Encompassing all possibilities…