Transmission: Walking Backwards in Timelessness

Walking Backwards in Timelessness
Through Ariel Spilsbury

In the beginning was …
Pure Awareness
Unfolding exvolution revealing creation’s glory, majesty, exaltation..
along the way creating the
Divine Doppelganger
Divine Double
Mirror image
Altar of alter ego’s
Parallel reflection
like the moon’s pulsating, auroral, penumbral
reflection of the sun..

Have you ever actually slowed down enough to observe how complex
navigation of the 3rd dimensional linear plane actually is?
It takes hours to do “the something”
when as a Strider it’s done as its conceived..
You remember that, right?
Salt water taffy in its entirety,
Which slows things down alright..
to the playpen for seeing how our thoughts manifest..
everything seems to be moving in slow motion
Like time lapse photography,
only backwards and inside out

Have you ever noticed how much time it takes
to actually move
from one life chapter to another
in it’s entirety?
an entirely-different- incarnation-type- of-entirety?
Just like in love making and alchemy
one hundred percent focus and attention required
to move from one
Distillation of Essence in Union
into yet another rarefied Alchemical Realm
as you move from one scripted chapter to the next
with no repeats, no regrets
Divine Press vintage wine served
upon alchemical completions
presciently paired and served in consort with the
Divine Beloved
Now there is a REAL merger of elements
that creates the new, the novel, the nascent gnosis..
Wherein we discover that
the dang-doppleganger- fandangoing-fiddley- fossiking-ego
could have been taking better notes of the hints and clues
All the way along…don’t you think?
Whoops! Oh well!
If only your
Doppelganger had recognized and seized the opportunity
to be the Undercover Evolutionary Understudy
for your gig here on Earth
not the other way around,
as the soul Essence would have it anyway…
Walking backwards in Timelessness,
To end up, upon death,
with more than just the ersatz appearance of evolution
The one who delights in making an entertaining
tongue in cheek parody
of your life…
using the building blocks you created simply from
indulging unconsciously in self-perpetuating belief systems
running ruinously amok
and beneath your awareness..
(British accent):
Imagine the cheek.
Imagine the cheeky bastard beliefs,
How could they just go on and create like that
without our awareness??
Where was the Witness when we needed her?
Off obsequiously observing observation no doubt..
Doppelgangers are good at that.
In the best sense of the word doppelganger
Divine Double
Even Strider in some cases.
the human condition being what it is as a free will zone..
When you are trying to drive
even though you have just been
in an ecstatic Divine Dalliance,
a manage-a- trois with God sandwiched between Beethoven and Rumi
celebrating the Holy Day that links their two earthly birthdays,
that’s when you tend to get one of Her seat belt citations
to bring attention to the specialness of the occasion,
dimensionally speaking
Just Her cheeky, backwards sense of humor
in my hologram of a day.
“As if I do not feel constrained enough in a physical body
that I need a seat belt on top of that?”
At least that’s what I found myself telling the police officer
when he pulled me over and asked me
why I wasn’t wearing a seat belt.
What would you make of that sweet little love note from Mom
to my awareness today?
This is how Her hand delivered note read :
“I, am being forced to give you a restraining order..
I always , of course, thought that was a good idea to restrain order
in fully Dionysian style of course, don’t you?
Hail to the Bacci!”
Love from The Big G
So I think it is only fair now to ask
what are YOU currently being divinely restrained from?
Any Takers?
For me..
Restrained from
naturally acting out my hamster wheel alter ego
Doppelganger Over-server..
having been born with a thousand breasts for goodness sake..
Well I have to ask you,
what would YOU do with them all?
I’m also being restrained from
taking this reality seriously in any way whatsoever
Instead making a career change
to being a Laughing Stock Salesperson
And I am restrained from so easily being sucked into the vortex leyline
that must be under my flippin’ office desk
My Doppelganger choosing to stay stuck in a linear time line
that keeps me teetering on the lip of the compression
of a black hole, so many hours a day
And YOU what is it you have received a restraining order for?
For myself
another restraining order I was issued was
for denying myself simple pleasures
such as taking time to watch steamy shapes and deities
arise from my coffee cup
to share a Divine morning cupper,
celebrating Ecstatic Emptiness together…
I was also issued a restraining order for
my addiction to the compelling, magnetically attractive
pull of the tornado-sucking- vortex of my office.
Did I mention that before?
Ah good, highlighting and under scoring are helpful indelibles…
So you can see what perhaps YOU are being restrained from..
My restraining order says:
I am to fully recover from my Dutch mother’s contraction
constellating around the aphorism
“Waste not. Want not.”
Which is wise guidance for our treatment of Gaia
but seems personally, upon reflection, in this moment at least,
to have accidentally put a wee tiny crimp in the flow
that is meant to fill my
golden galactic goblet..
And so being no awareness slow poke,
zoom lensing out to a collective experience
I would have to ask WHAT?
Waste not want not WHAT?
I never bothered to ask my mother that for sure.
Well, my present liturgy would go like this:
Waste not: Freedom, Love, Peace, Passion
Want not: anything that makes one identify or attach
to the drama of a singular Doppelganger focus of attention
rather than cooperating in mutual awakening!
Waste not vitality on grasping, trying, rather, simply radiate.
Want not: separation as it splinters into hatred and fear
The joke IS there is no “other”.So, I chose three oracle cards to ask what could be done
about the perceptual problem of the appearance of separation by any name
to claim myself/yourself as the innately overflowing chalice:
Yes. Really. These were the words on the oracle cards:
And I quote:
“discern, penetrate, cut through”
“earthy, embodied, grounded, abundant”
“self-nurturance, sanctuary, renewal, peace, balance, sustenance,
Are you hearing a theme?
Thank Goddess I am.
And all the time I thought these states
were simply being selfishly self-serving..
Busted! Whoops!(Ah owning.. Universal solvent.. powerful medicine.)Want not:
For in living in self nurturance, balance and peace,
we are naturally the Universal Chalice Receptors
for the copious golden amrita of Her awareness..
Her profligate abundance, pouring forth
and actually be received!

May all beings want not,
rather reveling in the freedom naturally ensuing
from Divine embodiment
all parts, including Doppelgangers, merged with
Love’s overflowing treasure house
of Awareness
opulently offering an unhinging Splendor
*as Rumi called it..Or as the alchemists so aptly put it:
In my ending is my beginning.
In my beginning is my ending
In my ending is my beginning
Walking Backwards in Timelessness
Walking Backwards in Timelessness
Walking Backwards in Timelessness
Well, I guess I can be grateful that
at least She didn’t give me a speeding ticket violation,
Moving as that experience can be..
And just as a Post Script,
The very next day following this transmission
out of the blue
a gold… yes golden chalice arrived on my doorstep..
a sister impulsed by the Divine to give it to me
at this divinely appointed moment of awareness..
I love this crazy magical life!
Thank you Mom!