Transmission: You Are She

You Are She

Through Ariel Spilsbury

You sprang from the Buddha’s tears of compassion,
bearing the pink lotus flower in your left hand
and the violet flame in your right…
you came
from the blissful ocean of primordial light
you came
from the deepest well of over-flowing Divine Love,
you came

like a lotus with a thousand tender petals to embrace all equally
you came
to teach adoration,
as an act of power
held in the focusing of the open heart,
you came
bearing the spiral signet of the Great Mother

From the temple brazier of the violet fire
you came
to transmute the causes of suffering in the mind,
to transform the very perception of suffering on this plane,
joy wearing away illusion
like a slow moving stream,
through the constancy of unconditional love

Seeing the divine potential in all beings,
offering tenderness without attachment or self-doubt,
you came
with the practice of divine transmutation,
heart with wings,

lovingly nurturing all sentient beings to move through
tamas: matter, concreteness
raja: water of soul in awareness of itself, in perpetual transformation
sattva: reunion, sublimation of the spirit which inhabits matter,
overcoming vibrational density
through offering the simple keys you carry on your Priest/ess belt
Blue medicine Buddha,

recognize the simplicity of your task here on Earth:
the deep aquifers of your feeling nature offer healing, wholing!
Conscious Dreamer,
Bearing the mark of the third eye open to
awakening true seeing,

gardenia of consciousness,
whose gentle scent and smile naturally lifts separation
into the sweetness of Union,
remember to celebrate the victory of Love on this plane
to be the fulfillment of the divine plan of Unity consciousness
embracing all duality,
dazzling dissolution in the ocean of Divine Love
through you,

Angelic spirit healer,
hummingbird, owl, dragonfly

your golden wings of light,
will lift beings to fly with you into the sun,
igniting the radiance of the numinous new sun birthing within our hearts,

through embodying the simplicity of Love’s presence!

Dream Priestess,
as a Conscious Dreamer
honoring the left Eye of Horus,
as a holy innocent,
walk gently with the Asclepian staff of entwined snakes that opens the way,

guiding the Divine Children through the rainbow stargate of the heart
to retrieve the mystical rose
from the Sacred Garden
to bloom here on Earth
in the emerging Garden of the One Heart..
As it was forsworn,
As you committed,
you came
to be Her hands
to be Her eyes
to be Her heart in action on Earth
Consecrated vessel of the violet Fire,

you came,
Kuan Yin,

You Are She..
Lovingly scribed by Ariel