The Prayer of Saint Francis Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred . . . let me sow love Where there is injury . . . pardon Where there is doubt . . . faithWhere there is despair . . .hope Where there is darkness . . . light where … Read more

Goddess of Compassion

Welcome to the holodeck of the Soul Express! Please take this preparatory information in before going on this journey!!  To frame soul questions that are coming from heart-soul rather than ego/mind requires that you be in resonance with your expanded Essence and open to the possibility of Divine communion with that Divine Essence. To open … Read more

All 13 Moon Mystery School work is predicated on Empty Presence, resonance  and coherence. Let us explore what that is. Resonance is the quality of sounding again due to similar vibrational structure and frequency, just  as one tuning fork will begin to vibrate when another one near it is struck, due to the phenomenon of … Read more

Ode to She Who Shall Not Be NamedThrough Ariel Spilsbury I sat in front of my Buddha statue for hours, offering the tender devotionof my full awarenessand after all that riveted presence,do you know what the Buddha had to say?A Silence that could fuel Universes descended…And of course like any mystic reading the signs,i dissolved … Read more

Collective KeyThrough Ariel Spilsbury All hail to the reunion of heart and mind..Evam Maya Eva Ho, Evam Maya Eva HoAll hail to the reunion of heart and mindAnd thus called tosensuously undulate free from any remaining old skinsthat appear to bind us in the smallness of a glass boxwhere skulls of the past can still … Read more

Architect of the SacredThrough Ariel Spilsbury It was often said that she was strong willedThat wherever she was,  it was “happening”but if you could catch her in betweenfive simultaneous creational firingsto look deeply into the potentized pools of her eyesyou would see wherethis exploding nebulae of radial awareness was crafted….It was often said that she was strong … Read more

Divine InheritanceThrough Ariel Spilsbury What face would aliveness wearfor you to really be there…wherever it is your mind saysis the fulfillment,the end of the journeyrather than where you think you are now,in some comparative analysis and systems dialysisthat distinguishes between then and now.What veils would you removefrom your perceptual circus menageriethat would cling to safetyat the expense of aliveness?the panther … Read more

In Her Name Through Ariel Spilsbury Yin, dark, moist, VoidSentient darkness,Feelings..moonlight’s subtle range of emanations,Moods,frequency shiftsshadowed lighttides swollen with moonbloodcrashing in the intense, headlong rushto Divine EcstasyEyes closed nowenfolded in Her darknessArtfully Empty..WithinHere the temple brazier is kept LITIn Her Name…Here the sacred fires, lovingly tended toby the devoted handmaidens of Love,who joyfully lift the … Read more

Sisterhood of the Stars…(You are my sister)Through Ariel Spilsbury Star roots revealedIn the transmission of full presenceYou are my sister in that…Gracefully navigating frequency phase shifts “dimensions”Due to recognizing ourselves simply as frequency tuning forks,Still and empty until ecstatically touched by Divine LightTransmitting the wisdom only held in Empty PresenceJoyful WeaversConnecting the jeweled nodes on Indra’s … Read more